Chapter 215: Monsters of Tartaros

The day of the tournament arrived and many new delegates of great power had arrived.

There were more experts, more warriors of fame, and even scholars who had arrived.

The massive arena had gotten fewer as the prices to watch had increased by a fold. But all that nobles vied for good seats as the event had now drawn the attention of many powerful families that stayed in Galantcross.

All the nobles brought their most handsome and beautiful members for a chance to be noticed in this grand event. A marriage and alliance were being sought for

No sign of the Galantcross prince was found on that day. Everyone could only speculate where they went and what they were doing.

All Dukes were housed in different seats and only Asteria was seated in the hovering building above the skies.

“Let the tournament begin!” Asteria finally declared.

The crowd went wild as they heard the announcement and the names of all contestants were being named.

“Report.” Asteria turned to her experts.

Mage Experts Patr
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