Beautiful & Sexy

I knew it. The piece was decently nice to look at, but it didn’t come across as anything meaningful or unique. I wasn’t sure what to add or how to fix it and I was running out of time. 

“You’re right. I don’t know how to fix it though. I guess, I’ll have to skip out on this contest after all…” I said regretfully. 

“I think…the painting needs to be a little more alluring…and sexy…” Ethan whispered seductively into my ear. 

His hands were already on my breasts before I could react to his words. I cried out his name in surprise as his hand began groping and squeezing my breasts. It’s late and no one should walk in on us but I’m in the middle of working right now…

“Ethan…let’s do this when we’re back…” I suggested softly. 

“No…I want you now. I did come all this way…” Et

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