Making the Most of a Perfect Day

“Please wait till we get to the garden, ok? Don’t pee yourself,” I warned mockingly.

I had to put Little Hayden down on the floor so that I could gather my art materials and tools that I needed to take outside to work on some art in the garden. Little Hayden looked a little confused at suddenly being let down from my arms, but he still chose to stick close to me. He walked around my heels and followed me as I moved around gathering things in the art studio. Honestly, I was quite scared that I would step on his little paws as I walked.

After gathering all the tools that I needed, I carried Little Hayden in my arms along with the bag of tools. Already, I found it quite challenging. Maybe this is what being a single mum feels like…a little…

Balancing work and raising a puppy is going to be one hell of a job. Not to talk about my struggling career as a new artist. Thankfully, Little Hayden seemed to be the sweet and obedient type and I hoped that he would remain that way. Now, where are
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