Chapter Twenty-Five

It's possible to be alive but deep inside; you know you're dead. . .


Dropping the phone back to its cradle at the other end and walking slowly to his parked motorcycle, Tom gave an angry growl of pain. 

So, Liza has been unconscious for several days now and they are not sure if she will ever come out of it? All thanks to him. Wow! What a way to reward genuine love and affection. 

He knew he wasn’t fit to date and love anybody, yet he went ahead to accept Liza and her love. And now, see what he did? He’s on the verge of destroying another life, just because he couldn’t get over his hell of a childhood. 

He’s busy taking out the anger and garbage he felt for his parents over innocent victims. And now, the most decent thing that has ever happened to him is lying in the hospital, comatose. 


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