Chapter 22. One night

His words echoed in the room. Björn turned his face slowly to Ava, who was pale. -She took it upon herself to disappear you, she..." Björn stood up, throwing the chair roughly behind his back. It fell with a clatter against the marble floor. - She tried to sell you like you were worthless! They drugged you, stripped you naked, and put you up for sale! -Ava gasped and put both hands to her mouth to cover them. Tears began to fall down her pale cheeks. The nightmare she had had that night wasn't just a dream, and it had happened. She looked at Björn's reddened face, and it looked like she was about to explode right there. -I looked for you, I found you and...-Björn left his hands on the table, he lowered his head.

-You bought me?" -Ava's trembling voice moved every fiber of her being. She raised her head and looked at her.

-I had to, I wasn't going to let someone buy you, take you away and abuse you, and who knows what else would have happened...-she

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