58. Stuck together

After that day, Lillian blocked Zack’s number and, since he didn’t know Olivia’s house, he didn’t know how to find her.

She had a few days of peace before he eventually found out where Olivia’s house was. He waited outside all day and night for her to come out and explain what was wrong, but she never came out.

Lillian looked outside the window of the apartment and saw that he was still there. She let out a frustrated sigh.

Olivia looked at her from the sofa.

“Is he still there?” Olivia asked her.

She nodded, walking up to her.

“He just won’t leave.” She told him, getting annoyed.

“Let me handle him.” Olivia told her and walk out of the house.

She went to Zack. He saw her coming towards him was and looked at her expectantly.

“Can’t you just leave? She doesn’t want to see you or talk to you.” She told him, coming in front of hi

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