Chapter 14

Zack brought her some cold water when she calmed down and sat beside her while Alan stood in front of her with his hands in his pockets.

She took a sip from the glass and sniffed.

“Wanna tell me what happened?” Zack asked her in a soft tone.

She looked at him and told him everything. After she was done, she started crying again, but this time quietly.

Zack looked furious while Alan had a calm expression, but on the inside, he was angry as well at her parents.

“Lillian.” Alan called her.

She looked up at him with teary eyes.

“Don’t worry about your education. I will finance you as I sponsor a lot of kids who are struggling with their finances. So, don’t you worry about not getting an education.” Alan told her.

She felt grateful to him and wanted to polietly decline his offer but she was in no position to do so.

“Thank you.” She told him with a tight throat.

“Don’t worry about it. And you can stay here for as long as you want.” he told her and then looked at Zack. “Take her to
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