One week later...

In the early 7 o'clock of the morning, a magnificent morning glow in the east. The bright light of the horizon on the east carefully infiltrated the light blue sky, and the new day gradually moved from afar. Sumire was woken up when a series of knock bombs on her chamber.


She yawned and get up with her eyes closed. The door quickly opened and her mother appeared to her sight. Lunaire, her mother who is as beautiful as her, gasped when she saw her messy bed hair. Lunaire's strides were big as she approached her spiral big white curtained bed.

"What a bad hair you've got, darling."

"Morning, mom..."

Lunaire took the hair comb near to her bed. She seated next to her and gently comb her daughter's black straight hair. Obviously, Sumire got her father's hair. Her daughter got most of her features and curves. In her 20's, Lunaire was crowned a beauty queen. She also modeled lingeries and ads for fashion clothing lines during her days. She leaves that kind of life after she married an incredibly attractive man, one of the Massoullèves, and bears their first baby. She became a lovely matriarch of the family. And now, Sumire was following her step. But behind her glamorous face, Lunaire was known for being sweet yet deadly.

Sumire kissed her mom on the forehead and sweetly smiled while her eyes remain tightly closed.

"You're as gorgeous as your mother, dear."

"Morning, baby..."

A deep voice lingered in her room and her eyes were quickly wide open. Chaise Massoullève, her father, appeared to them, wearing his bedroom robe. He has small rubbles on his face. Her father looked so sexy and gorgeous even in his mid 40's.

He was holding his cup of tea and frowning, staring at his lovely wife.

"Honey, I feel sad when I woke up without you beside me. Don't you love me anymore?"

Chaise said and display his sullen face to his wife who was now glaring at him. He gulped twice in a row when Lunaire's piercing stare darted on him. He quickly looks at her daughter.

"By the way, sweetie. When are you going to give us grandkids? Our home is too lonely."

Sumire's ear tingled with what she heard and blushed. Lunaire smiled and later chuckled with her daughter's adorable reaction.

"Dad! For f*cking sake, I'm 23. Tss."

Sumire's mood was quickly ruined in the early morning. Her dad knows how to get her annoyed.

"Why? Well, I got your mom in her 23rd?"

Lunaire blushed when Chaise stared at her affectionately and seductively while biting his lower lip. They exchange meaningful glances and Sumire knew right away where it would lead them. Obviously, they love each other even the two of them throwing daggers when things are out of control. Sumire tsked and get out of her bed.

"Oh, come on, you two oldies, get out of my room."

Chaise quickly approaches his wife and carries her out in a bridal style. Lunaire just giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled sweetly at him.

"Love you, Honey."

Lunaire lovingly said and the two of them kissed in front of her making Sumire's face turn sour.

"Excuse me, I need to vomit."

Sumire leave the bed and went to the bathroom to get her morning routine. She heard her parents burst into chuckles before leaving her chamber.

On a beautiful morning, Sumire sashayed her way towards the cottage floating in the man-made lake wearing her long white gown and two handmaidens tailing her. The sun has just risen, the diffuse fog has gradually subsided. Two elegant sparkling fountains scattered into thousand of water droplets, spraying up the petals of the lotus flowers. The drops of crystal water, glittering and magnificent, colorful.

Sumire was having her morning tea when her phone suddenly rang. Calib Deumun's name greeted her. She and Calib were working on the same project where the two of them are the main lead. Their movie is now leading in the market.

"Sumire...ahem, hi..."

A rough voice came in the other line. Calib was a white-haired handsome guy with a pair of icy ocean blue eyes. Just like her, Calib was the most popular and sought actor in the entertainment industry. A very attractive man that many women swoon over him.

"Calib, why did you call? Something up?"

Sumire asked, wondering what he is up to her. Calib appeared to be cold but he was a gentleman inside. Unlike any other actors she works with, Calib always treats her with care and respect. That's what she likes about him.

"I just want to ask if we can have a second dinner together after the Premiere night. No malice."

Calib asked shyly while Sumire chuckles at him. Actually, she had been planning to bring him to their restaurant. Calib was like a friend to her.

"Okay, Calib. No worries. See you."

"Thank you. See you tonight, dolce signora."

When Calib drop the call, Sumire unbelievably gaping at the phone she was holding. 'what was that?'

Sumire decided to slip it aside thinking Calib was just kidding her. She went back to their manor. Right after she walked inside, five maids were holding a different lively flora in a pot. Some of them were endangered flowers and God knows where in the world Maddox collected them.

"My lady, Mr. Maddox sent this to you and this note."

Sumire took the note and read it. 'Okay, another obsess creep to deal with.'

It's been a month since Maddox Mirk courted her, sent her a pot of flowers every day and she has no plan to say yes to him.

"Sweetheart, is that suitor of yours planning to make our home a flower garden?"

Chaise asked who was standing while hands encircling his wife next to him.

"No, these flowers were prepared for my funeral."

Sumire sarcastically said. She went straight to her room and prepare to leave the house and go back to her own home to prepare herself for the Premiere night later at 7 o'clock in the evening. Actually, Sumire was living alone, she had her own luxurious modern home. Sumire had no plans of visiting her parents but her mother call up.

She drove back to her exclusive home.

6:30 pm. The sun has already set on the purple horizon. Built right on the cliff edge, her exclusive home has everything – impressive location, romantic atmosphere, modern design, luxury style. Her home has incredibly romantic ocean views from almost every corner of the house. Floor-to-ceiling windows not only allowed unobstructed views but also created a modern atmosphere which defined amazing luxury interiors. The rooftop swimming pool with a huge terrace is probably the most impressive thing where she could see the perfect setting of the sun. Inside of the house, elegance is undeniable. From the minimalist kitchen, romantic dining room, bright living room, 2 incredible bedrooms to even luxury gym, sauna, spa, indoor swimming pool, massage room, and wine cellar, everything is connected with external elevators. The landscape design around the house gives the vibes of paradise. Mediterranean vegetation gives a nice touch to all the amazingness and luxury of her home.

Sumire sashayed like a runaway model down the staircase wearing a bold and dark green off-shoulder long sleeve evening dress, displaying her curves, with a beads belt and slit on her left leg matching with black-green stilletoes. Her precious emerald gem necklace shimmers and a pair of earrings match her long curled hair and small perfect sculpted face. She walks elegantly towards the luxurious limousine car in the wide open space where she has greeted a horde of men in a black suits.

"You look absolutely stunning tonight, Ms. Massoullève."

One of the men complimented and escorted her. She was so pretty that her beauty can make anyone falter. He opens up the car's door for her and she entered inside. Sumire just flashes a smile and mouthed 'thank you.' After the man closed the door the car's engine started, and their accomplice driver chauffeured her to the big event.

The man turned around and his lips curled into a venomous sneer, and so as the other men around. He turned on the earpiece while his eyes viciously followed the limousine car in the distance.

"Mission complete, Boss."

The man reported. An evil chuckle can be heard on the line echoing the place.

"Good. Now get your asses here."

"Aye, Boss."

The horde of men went to their respective cars and motorcycle and followed the limousine car now traveling the sea-side road. One by one, they leave the place and the real chauffeur unconscious on the road like nothing happened.

Inside the car, Sumire seemed to know by instinct that something was wrong, even before she stepped outside her home. The horde of men in black ooze an awful vibes and now she can feel it in the chauffeur. The management sends her a limousine car along with their trusted men to fetch her up and they have a strong sense of security. Sumire has this extraordinary sense where she always knew people's intentions through the air of vibes and her instinct was always on point. She may be didn't know their faces by heart but Sumire can always see their true intention just like wearing their heart on the sleeve. Today something is off, and the maiden just chooses to slip it aside thinking maybe their management has changed high-security teams.

She displayed a triumphant smirk, celebrating alone her another achievement. It was always been like this, her family, especially her dad was against the career she choose. They aren't happy and never will be even after she became a famous personality in the entertainment industry. Chaise wanted her to be a businesswoman just like her cousin, Clair, and run the family business. But the stubbornness reigns her. Sumire follows what her heart wants and now this is what she got, she became independent, strong, and deals with her problems alone. An actress who was often cast as a cynical, sexy Femme Fatale which truly depicts who she is right now.

And now here she is inside, celebrating her achievement alone.

Sumire chuckled half-heartedly when she remembered her awful argument with her father and once drink the liquor in one gulp, unbeknownst there was a strong sleeping pill mixed in the liquor. 'Congratulations to me.'

After a few seconds, her vision started to get blurry until she collapse in the backseat, and fell into a deep slumber. The chauffer flashes a vile smirk when she saw the lady through the front mirror, who has now fallen asleep. He called the leader of the squad through the earpiece.

"She was now asleep."

"Good, bring her here."

The chauffeur swerve the car on the left side of the intersection road that lead them to the meeting place. After hours of driving, the maiden was brought into a derelict and dilapidated building where no life cease to exist. Sumire remains unconscious when someone carried her out of the car and brought her inside the abandoned building.

The moon had already cruised the night sky and its moonlight passes through the rough surface and macabre pile of bricks. The place was filled with dust, cobwebs, and graffitis on the walls and corners. The abandoned building was creaking in the most haunted way. The whole structure appeared to be monstrously massive. The remains of furniture lay disorderly cluttered on the floor.

After a few more steps to the bottom of the building, a luxurious golden dragon elevator appeared to them that only lightened up the place. It seems the exterior building was just a fake facade to hide the true beauty inside the heart of the building. They all boarded the elevator on the ground floor and it lift them to the top floor of the building.

A massive grandeur entrance greeted them with golden historical antiques and other relics worth a million money. The place was inspired by historical interior design; from the tables and chairs, cabinets, and wine racks were all carved in dragon designs, everything inside shine in gold. The place looks like the lost ancient.

"Lay that lady over there and guard the door."

They placed her in a certain bed and guard the room from the outside while waiting for their boss to arrive.

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cal win
there is alot of mistakes making hard to read the book and im not even that far into it. the writer needs to learn to proof read and learn how English language works. Now on another note after having to re-read the sentences the way they should be wrote the book does have a pretty good story line

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