The mysterious green-eyed man took the maiden to an elite hospital he owned after he calmed himself down.

After 1 hour of driving, he arrived at the hospital. He scooped the maiden and entered the hospital. Few hospital staffs were roaming in the hallway as he strode to the building wearing the messy upper shirt, holding a naked beautiful maiden covered in his trenchcoat, sleeping on his arms.

Some were gasped, petrified on their feet, and awe at their Big Boss passed in front of them.

The man headed straight to his private suite and went inside. He gently laid Sumire on the bed and cover her with the sheet, he took his spare clothes from the wardrobe and then dressed her.

He made a call to his staffs to take care of the maiden. Before he leaves the suite, he took one last look at the maiden who was sleeping soundly on his bed.

Outside the hospital...

The man was leaning his back against his phantom car while smoking. His black business suit was completely disheveled, the midnight cold air brushes his business suit revealing half of his broad chest and he sexily slicked back his messy hair with his left hand thrust on his pocket when a silver car came in front of him and his secretary and most trusted man do always wearing white gloves, came out.

"Boss, I did what you told. Everything is now under your control."

The green-eyed man throw the cigarette and stepped on it. He look coldly at his secretary in the eye.



Sumire woke up with a heavy eyelid, head that throb, and body that aches. She slowly opened her eyes and quickly widened when she found herself alone in an unfamiliar room, a luxury royal private hospital suite. It has lavish interiors, luxurious fabrics, and handsome works of art create this residential sanctuary. It has modern amenities like an abstract painting hanging on the accent wall and wood-laminate floor.

Her eyes peruse the place. From the high-quality furnishings with opulent, expensive touches, attention to aesthetic detail, the hospital suite ooze ostentatiousness. The predominant color scheme is soft beige and it had a unique air of luxury, elegance, and prestige to its distinguished owner.

'This place cost thousands of penny out of pocket for just one night.'

She uttered to herself while still awestruck. She can smell the chemicals lingering in the place and her eyes darted at the green men's surgical gown, a pair of white gloves, and stethoscope.

'Why am I here?'

She gets up from the bed sporting luxury sheet and is slightly dazed. Sumire was stunned when she looked at herself in an oversize white long sleeve for men that it length up to her knees and a black boxer short in the nearby mirror. She didn't have a brassiere and undies inside!

'Where the hell is my dress?'

Sumire lowers her head and open the three buttons of the sleeve only to find a number of red marks covering her neck and chest. She was blushed.

'Did I do something crazy last night?'

Staggered, she plunges back to the bed when suddenly a nurse came in and flashes a smile at her with a medication kit in her hand.

"Good morning, Miss. Is there a painful portion of your body?"

The woman asks and examines her body, checking her temperature at the same time. Sumire run her hand on the forehead gently while her pair of eyes were tightly closed.

"My head and body. I can handle it, just give me some painkiller for my headache."

She said. Without a word, the nurse took the lozenge from the kit and give it to her with a glass of water.

"If there's anything you need, just press the red button. I'll leave you first."

"Thank you."

Sumire said and just before the nurse could leave the room, the hospital-trained staff wearing a chef outfit came in pushing a trolley of sumptuous food. It was still warm and exuded delicious smell that the maiden's tummy made an adorable growling sound. 'Damn, I'm famished.'

Her eyes twinkled when she saw her favorites in the tray, from the well-cooked lobster, dessert, fruit, and many more. She can't help but drool over the food.

"Enjoy your meal, Ma'am."

The young lad smilingly said, plastering his dimple and leaving her alone in the room. Sumire started to feast on the mind-blowing morning meal. She took large bites on each food served in front of her. She felt like she hadn't eaten for a long time.

"Damn, this is all good!"

Just as she starts to have her dessert, a fiery scene flashes to her mind. The sticky cream slid down to her lips when Sumire remember how she grabbed the mysterious striking stranger with a kiss inside his deluxe car. She could still feel his warm lips parted her lips, allowing his tongue to slip inside, battling madly for dominance. His hot breath travels down to her jaw and neck, that rough hands crawled in her skin. Their bodies pressed together heatedly against the backseat, breathing heavily as their lips pressed together. Sumire could taste their shared breath, feel the thud of their combined heartbeat as they fumbled to take off one another’s clothes.

Her ears went red. His masculine scent intoxicated her. Those muscled arms gripped her body. His touches burn her in desire. That pair of cold emerald eyes gleamed in deviltry and menacing aura, Sumire can't help but felt the butterflies fluttering inside her belly. She didn't fear the man instead she was thrilled.

She was happily eating a banana when she suddenly remembered how she grinned her hips over his massive and hard, pulsing shaft of his manhood sought out her most intimate part. Before he could penetrate her, she collapses into his broad chest. Sumire was choked while chomping the big-size banana in her hand. Heat rose from her cheek as she gulp the glass of water next to her.

"God, thank you for giving me the audacity to do it with a stranger. You almost got me to heaven."

She sarcastically prayed.

Sumire began to reminisce everything. The moment she was abducted by the horde of hooligans in a black suit, a tall, gorgeous hot man with a pair of cold green eyes save her from the hand of the Mafia Lord, where she was priced. A pair of big arms scooped her out from the bed and she brought in the car. And the scene she was struggling from the effect of the drug, Sumire could vividly remember everything that steamy scene between them inside his car that she almost gave herself to the man.

The maiden gape and stared at the nothingness.

"I need to know who he is. That man who saved my life and caused me to almost lose my virginity."

Sumire decided to look for the green-eyed man and finishes the banana right away. Though everything was quite hazy to her, the visage of the man she makes out was vivid to her mind and his bulging shaft. 'Damn Sumire, please perished that perverted thought of yours.'

A flash of an abandoned building where she was held by her captors came to her mind. 'I know where to start now.'

The maiden decided to track down the talk show host who wants her reputation ruined.

Sumire quickly dialed Eiryss, her manager's number. After a short second, Eiryss answered her call.

"Oh my God, Sumire! Where have you been last night? Calib and I have been worried looking for you all night. He keeps calling on you, but you're out of reach. Did something bad happen?"

Eiryss greeted her worried sick. She's been troubled since last night after Sumire didn't show up at the Premiere night. Calib keeps calling her looking for Sumire.

"Something unexpected came up. But I'm already safe now, Eiryss. Anyways, do you have information about Lukas?"

Sumire ask as she took the beige dress in the near table. Blushed, when she saw a brassiere perfect for her bust size and a sexy panty. 'Who buys these?', she wondered.

"That rude host has been long gone in the entertainment industry. I don't have any news about him, why?"

Ask on the other line. Sumire unbuttons the black long sleeve and gets dressed. She gets the pair of laced boots and look at herself in the mirror.

"Nevermind. I have to go, Eiryss. I have something important to do. See you later."

"Okay. Be careful, sweetie."

Sumire came out of the hospital. On her way home, she dialed her cousin's number, Blanche. That feminine cousin of hers quickly answered her call within a second.

"Sumire, wha--"

"Blanche, I need a hacker?"

Blanche was stunned and frowned looking at his phone. Thinking his cousin, Sumire surely is up to something. That cousin of him wouldn't stop pestering him if he wouldn't help her out. Even though surprised, he responded to her.

"Ah, yes. Just give me the information of the person you want me to hack."

"Hold on a second."

Sumire then gives the basic information of the talk show host to her cousin. After three minutes, the hacker successfully got the information and gave it to Blanche.

"There you go, cous."

"Thank you, Blanche. I owe you a bunch of bananas!"


Sumire drops the call without letting her cousin say a word. She made another call to someone to accompany her to a certain place.

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