An awkward silence quickly engulfed inside Mr. Aslanov's office. Sumire remained deeply staring into his foxy emerald green eyes as if it was pulling her under. It's gleaming in dark and mystery but tantalizing at the same time.

Her eyes traverse down his perfectly prominent nose and his kissable lips that pursed. His messy slick midnight hair with a tinge of dark blue hue matches the aloofness of his gorgeous face that is now eminent. Sumire gulped and was intensely blushing in their awkward position. The man remained looking serious and frowned while staring down at her.

The maiden did not realize that she is now biting her lower lip.

"What is up and you seem excited?"

The green-eyed man asked in a deep voice. His accent is perfectly good! So sexy and pleasing to the ears. The woman drew a huge grin on her lips. Her mesmerizing black-gray eyes twinkled like a starry night under her fluttering eyelashes. They are so dark and sweetly tended to. They also brighten up
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