Sumire, who was sleeping soundly on the sofa, flinched. After 30 minutes have passed, the office door opened and Mr. Aslanov's secretary spat from there and immediately found the maiden sleeping beautifully and soundly on his favorite sofa.

Blood boiling in rage surged up to his head and his face flushed in red, Klauss approached the sofa in big strides and ruthlessly sprayed the intruder with a disinfectant in the face.

'Fuck, fuck!' Sumire immediately got up from the sofa and wiped out the alcohol sprinkled on her face. She raised an eyebrow at the man she thought was an angel but a demon in disguise! She gritted her teeth. 'Damn, I badly want to smash this maggot's face to death!'

"I regret that I consider you a smart specie when you can't even read the big sign posted on the door outside. The words are written in Arial font and bold, it literally said, "No filthy animals allowed" yet here you are. You have the guts to step inside."

Klauss said in a stern voice.
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