The dead and deafening silence flooded inside the room and only the beating of his heart can be heard. Like the shock of a bucket of ice water being poured over his head, shock is written all over Yakov's face, and stared at his father in disbelief.

"Sister? I didn't know..." All his life, Yakov thought he was Lucian's only child. He fell into deep thoughts.

"A younger sister. Before your mommy and I broke up, I got her pregnant. I thought that when she found out that I was dead, she would take you or introduce you two to each other, so I assumed that she was with you now." Lucian explained making Yakov frown.

"Dad, why did you hide from me the fact that you are still alive? I can understand if you hide from others, especially from your enemies, but why from me?"

Yakov swerves the subject. He felt his head wrapped with nonsense. Tons of questions swirling inside his mind to ask his father. He felt his tongue got cut off from daring to ask him and now he utters such unwitting and not t
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