Eyes as cold as ice, Yelena looked at a Mafia Lord on her right side when he called her by her underground infamous name. Legs crossed beneath the table, she strictly raised an eyebrow at him. She is currently meeting with twelve Mafia Lords who are among the top fifteen powerful mafias in the Underground. As an heiress to the 2nd most powerful Mafia, the Odesseau clan, a mafia clan that seeks absolute power in the Underground, she is leading the meeting today. And as usual, Yelena didn't invite the Aslanovs who don't have an official successor yet.

The Aslanov Clan is the center of their meeting today. 'I can't invite someone I have already planned to eliminate.' Yelena wickedly smiled in her mind.

"What's your deal right now?"

Draco, a Mafia Lord, and ranked as the 3rd powerful figure in the Mafia world, asked in a serious tone. He was sitting on the opposite side of Yelena, with eyeglasses on and smoking in a pipe.

"Almost all the top fifteen Mafia Lords are present. So I
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