Mort was standing at the end of the hallway before the living room where Sumire, Chaise, and Maddox were, hearing everything. Hands formed into a fist on his side, he just remained cold silent and decided not to go further into the living room to get the maiden. He could feel the turmoil intensify between them and struggle to defend herself. She could hardly keep herself together. She was shaking. Her silent sobs made his jaw clench. Mort chose not to intervene with them or the situation will get worsened.

"Dad, Mort and I love each other. He proposed to me and we are going to get married. Can't you just let us be happy? Why do you have to interfere with my decision? Why does it have to end like this?" With her blurred vision, hot tears streamed down her face and she squeezed her eyelids shut in the hope her tears would stop bursting out.

Sumire might have down on her knee in front of her father just to beg him if Maddox wasn't around, but her pride won't allow her to let the young m
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