Yelena 'YEGOR' Gordeux, Oddesseau

"Yelena who?" Wearing a frowny face, Maddox couldn't understand why the woman expected him to know her even though she only utter her name.

"Have we met before?" Maddox asked and eyed critically at Yelena as he tried to skim his memory. He doesn't remember meeting a woman who introduced herself as Yelena.

The woman raised an eyebrow at him. She was surprised that Maddox couldn't remember her. Yelena crossed her legs and crossed her arms on her chest while leaning on the sofa she was sitting on. She cast a meaningful stare at the young man from the head down to the toe.

"Yes." She said making Maddox wrinkle his eyebrows deeper. He is very confused. If he happened to meet such a darling before, he will never forget a beauty like Yelena.

Maddox stared at her intently. With her strong and dark presence, he's unlikely to forget her. Maddox swallowed hard, thinking that Yelena might be one of his one-night stands while he was hammered, but he was a heavyweight drinker. He was probably dru
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