Hours ago before the five buildings in the city exploded, a meeting was held at the main base of the Oddesseaus Base with five of the biggest clans in the Underground. The Crane, Pyro, Hydra, Dufus, and Pierce. These clans have connections from all over the world, whether on the Underground or the surface.

The ominous aura dominates the corners of the room. Sitting on the long round glassed table where the five clan leaders personally attended the meeting after knowing they will cross the most powerful clan in the Mafia world, the Aslanovs. And now they join forces. It's been decades since they attempt to eliminate the entire Aslanovs but they have never succeeded. Now that they have prepared their successors and found out the Aslanovs' relationship with Mort is not on good terms, they've come to conclude this is the best opportunity to wage war with them. They know that no one will help the Aslanovs as they have never had a good connection with other Mafia Leaders, especially the ne
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