The sun is slowly sinking at the heart to the horizon and the cloak of darkness started to cover the Brethren City along with the sparkling constellations emerging in the night sky. The chefs, maidservants, and butlers are busy preparing the family's dinner. Inside the dining hall of Aslanovs' manor decorated with an exquisite golden chandelier, a sumptuous feast was served on the large long table.

All the servants were wearing the same color, black suits. The master chefs, butlers, and maids were dressed in black uniforms as if they were lamenting over someone's funeral. The ambiance reigning the place was gloomy and cheerless.

In the middle of the table, a big empty red plate was placed which catches everyone's attention. And that's what everyone fears when they know what that means.

"How did they get Mischa?" Lady Katyusha, Mort's mother asked in a cold but calm tone.

They were all sitting at the dining table. On the left side was Don Demetrius Aliev seated next to his wife, Lady
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