Chapter 51

Eight months ago


I took the drink from the counter and gulped it down all at once looking at the crowd. Too many people for just a firm re-launch.

My eyes roamed around and I practically rolled my eyes at the people trying to stick up to their bosses Asses.

“Enjoying the party?” I looked to my left to see the familiar face of Cliff leaning back on the counter while he gulped down the vodka.

“I have no clue why we were insisted to be here,” I replied nonchalantly.

“Did you think over the offer?” I asked Cliff. I was trying to buy some of his properties.

It is a perfect place to hide all of my drugs. No one would have any idea. The remote location of these mansions by the island was something no one could expect. Little renovation and it could turn into nice restaurants to engage the tourists who come to visit th

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Heather Couture
Okay you are back tracking on yourself. He set up having his men killed and men shooting at him to have her fall for him. But while the shooting was happening he was pissed saying he would kill them all.
goodnovel comment avatar
Something is not right. Earlier he mentioned he first saw her in the hospital?...‍♀️

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