What did Angie give me last night? Seriously, I can feel my arms and legs but moving them is a whole other story and my head is pounding yet again. Reece is right, I really need to get this checked out. Without opening my eyes I turn my head to the side hoping my body will follow and get the blood flowing so I can at least hit the bathroom before I pee myself.

As I roll over, instead of finding the edge of my bed, I am met with another person. It’s definitely not Reece though based on the soft feel. My eyes shoot open, the f*ck?

I’m met with a whole mop of bleached blonde hair and the smell of drunkenness and vomit warmed over. I wanted to gag, but I had bigger problems. I sat up slowly and took a good look around for the first time. I’m in a giant king-sized bed with crisp white sheets and an extra fluffy comforter. The walls were a pale shade of tan with a couple generic teal and white abstract paintings hanging. To the right of the bed was a small dining area wit
Miss L

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