The grainy, almost out of focus picture on the cover of the tabloid was unmistakably Reece. He looks terrible. His eyes have dark circles under them and his mouth is set in a defeated scowl. He looks like he hasn’t shaved in days, but he still has his trademark pristine three piece suit on. James and Max are flanking him, both looking equally tired. James has the purpling of a bruise on the upper portion of his cheek close to his ear. That must be from the night of the attack. My chest clenches at the thought of him being hurt so they could get to us.

I jolt a little, thinking of the night of the attack. I start frantically searching for the date on the tabloid. It actually takes me a minute to sort through all of the text on the front cover. Apparently celebrities have been busy in the last few days. Finally in the bottom corner, I see it. The date is five days after the night of the attack. So we’ve been here at least that long.

I slide that one to the side to
Miss L

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