It’s been almost a week since I talked to Max about setting up a video chat with Lindsey and this mystery kidnapper. I’m not sure what is taking so long, but clearly setting this thing up is more work than I thought. Or maybe I’m just antsy to see Lindsey. I pester Max daily about it and the only answer I get is ‘nothing yet.’ What does that even mean? I know my mood swings are getting to my team too, but I can’t seem to get control of myself. If things aren’t done to perfection I have taken to snapping at people. I only talk to Max, Brandon, Angie and Anton. I find I get easily agitated trying to hold meaningless conversations with anyone else. Like I’m just boiling under the surface ready to explode.

I have never felt this out of control in my life. I have always known what I wanted and gone for it. If people got in my way, I found a way to make them comply and be helpful or remove them. The only exception was my grandfather and now I know that has been one of the bi
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just paid for this chapter & its the same as the one before when are we getting more than 1 cgapter a month
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Shannon Keaveny
one chapter in a month?????????? Wow! not even a long chapter either and it is the same thing from the last chapter. Please finish the story.

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