The f*uck?! Is all I can think. What came out of my mouth in a breathless whisper was.”What did you just say?”

There was a deep, heavy silence in the room. The tension was so thick I could feel it pressing down on me. My eyes grew wide and my mouth was as dry as a desert as I just stared at her.

“I’m so sorry, did you not know?” The doctor asks, her hand on her chest, looking between Dominique and I. She looks like she is really concerned about me. But she is on Benedict’s payroll, she can’t really be trusted, can she?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. How long have I been here? What do you mean you’re trapped too?” My heartrate is starting to rise again and it is sending the monitors I'm hooked up to into a frenzy.

Dominique reaches for my hand. “You have been here for days, babe, days! Do you know how boring it is to be all by yourself with no one to distract you? No one would tell me what was going on either. I wasn’t sure if you were going to wake up again,
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Seriously we need an escape plan ASAP we cannot have her having a baby with these power hungry men

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