“What are you going to say to Benedict? We need to have the same or at least a similar story as to why I am here. I still have to figure out what he wants exactly. I don’t believe he would put this much effort into taking over a company. From what I have heard he’s more likely to kill the person in his way and replace them with his own people. What’s he playing at?”

“With your current condition and the test I have run, I can easily claim you are diabetic. Similar signs and symptoms and necessities to control it as your pregnancy. Like food and vitamin regulation, also lowering your stress levels.”

“Okay, I guess that works. I don;t know anything about the condition though.”

“That will work in our favor. I can keep regular, daily checks on you, which is what I would do with an actual newly diagnosed patient here.”

“What about me?” Dominique almost whines. “Is he going to try and keep us separate? I’m pretty sure she is the only reason I am still alive right now
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Leo Leybag
Please update and don't drag.. it's disappointing if u do.. u started good
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I love that even though the girls started off horribly they are becoming friends because of this situation I hope the find a break and get out.

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