Chapter Six: Unexpected Encounter

When the door creaked open on its hinges, the air escaped my lips. 

It was beautiful.

Everywhere I looked there were lush green leaves, beds of bright flowers, and wooden cottages that lined the area outside the prison. It was a large area with tall wooden fences, the grass high enough to sweep at my ankles. A bird chirped happily amongst the branches, and then a squirrel skittered up the bark of a large willow tree. 

It was naturalistic and glowing with life. 

I fought against the urge to smile, not even realizing when I had stepped past the Alpha. The grass tickled my toes while the sun beamed down on my face. I lifted my neck toward it, bathing in it. My wolf, which I could finally feel again, was practically prancing beneath my skin. 

It was an odd sensation. 

My wolf didn't have a voice, it wasn't a separate entity or being within us. It was like... an arm or a limb, you could just feel it. Like it was a part of

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