Chapter Seven: Family

"Is this my new cabin?" I asked in awe, stepping into the door that finally gave way to the key. The planks that made up the floor were sturdy beneath my feet as I made my way inside. The creak of the wood echoing inside my ears.

The cool brown interior looked polished and it glistened in the sunlight that poured in from the doorway. The little twists and swirls of the aged woods playing with my vision. It was like I was staring at a kaleidoscope of the previous trees lives. The little lines waving at me as I stepped over them.

It was still hard to adjust to all the details when I'd spent over a week in the darkness.

Nonetheless, it was beautiful and I admired the view.

"Wow, it's ‘a huge!" Timmy all but jumped in excitement, and I found myself slowly nodding in agreement.

I was surprised, too. The cabin was way more accommodating than I was expecting, like I was a new resident rather than a lowly prisoner playing at f
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