Chapter Twenty: House Arrest

Before I knew it, we were there.

The loud bang of the door filled the air with palpable anxiety.

Heavy and thick with tension as his echoing footsteps seemed to grow to a peal of thunder against the wooden floors of the cabin. I barely had the chance to swallow my nerves when suddenly; his hands were hoisting me up by my waist.

My fingers dug into his shoulders and without thinking, I straightened my back. I thought it'd be easier for me to get down and make some distance, but I was wrong. Instead, with his hands still holding me up into the air, I was face to face with Morax.

He seemed startled for a second, or maybe it was just my imagination. But I was so close, I heard the way his breath sucked in, and I could see the way his pupils dilated. My blonde hair was cascading all over his shoulders, blending in with his dark locks.

In the time it took me to shudder a breath, he placed me solidly on the ground. My feet welcomed the stable footing.

"We're here." He stated curtly.

Hey, F.F Here, I apologize for the wait on chapters! I've been really sick but I intend to release more chapters soon in a bundle to make up for it. I will be updating daily once my fever is gone. This series will be long as I have a lot to cover so please know more content will be on the way. Lots of love, F.F.

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F.F. sorry to hear your unwell, hope rest and get better soon. The series may be long but what a ride it will be! Can't wait!

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