The Villain's Billion Dollar Bride
The Villain's Billion Dollar Bride
Author: Ria Lee

Chapter 01: Out of the blue

"Whoa! That startled me!"

I jolted up in the passenger seat as the car made a bold turn round the curb. It took me a few seconds to get my heartbeat back to normal. 

"Finally you're awake!"

Saying that Adelyn passed me a glance and soon shifted her attention to the road, carefully dodging a speeding motorcycle that sped dangerously past us. Turning down the volume of the radio, she asked,

"Okay, dreamer, what did you dream about now?"

"I forgot everything as I woke up all of a sudden."

"Liar. Was it something romantic? or something steamy? or..."

Before she could say something weird, I cut in,

"It was more like horror. I was running around in a huge locked room, probably in some old stone castle. That's what it looked like."

"Poor girl. I'll pray that you'll dream about some really hot guys tonight ."


"Mithra, come on! I wonder how you managed to be naive despite hanging out with me and Celina for all these years."

"I too find it strange."

We both giggled off happily, and Addy resumed back to focus driving.

Adelyn, Celina and I were High school besties, who had made our way together into Harvard University. Following our graduation at the beginning of this month- October, we had been on a one-week vacation to New York, the hometown of Celina. This one week had passed amazingly with a great deal of sightseeing, shopping, snapshots, selfies and everything that could be done to enjoy our days in New York City. Leaving Celina at her home in the morning, we were now heading to New Haven to drop off Adelyn, en route to my vacation home in Dover. Only when the car came to a halt did I realize that we've already arrived at her home. 

Passing her luggage to her, we solemnly stood there at the entrance, unable to bear to leave. Following a tear-jerking episode of our conversation, we finally cheered up ourselves.

"Let's keep in touch every day like we used to," I said earnestly, finding it hard to accept the fact that we won't be hanging out anymore.

"Yes, honey. Don't worry about anything and don't forget that you can count on us. And since you don't wanna date randomly, I wish that you'd soon find some freaking hot dude to settle down with."

"There you go again!" 

We laughed for a short while, and finally parted ways. Watching her safely go in, I got behind the wheel and sped off since there was a long way to go.

Though I had turned on some music, my mind kept wandering off, thinking about my family. I was born as the only child to Indian parents, who were both doctors in Boston. Though I was living a life of luxury, I never once was able to enjoy my life with my parents. It was true that they were busy, but even at home, they were too distant & aloof. The only people I could talk to at home were the housekeeper, Aunt Sita- who was a warmhearted Indian woman, and our driver, Mr Brown- a very cheerful old native man. No matter how hard I tried to get the attention of my parents, I never once succeeded. I excelled in studies, participated in competitions and did everything I could do, but it was all a failure. I didn't have any friends till High School, due to the annoyingly extreme effort I was putting into my studies. At last, Adelyn and Celina were the ones who had brought colours into my dull life. And now, thinking that we've parted ways kept reminding me of the emptiness awaiting me at home.

I shook those thoughts off and hit on the gas, hoping that a gripping drive would keep my mind away from straying back. It was already 1 pm but I planned to skip lunch since I felt that I might've gained weight though it wasn't evident. Following a tiring two and a half-hour drive, I was getting closer to my holiday residence. Though it seemed kinda lonely and scary, located midst the colourful autumn trees, the time I spent here had always been delightful and serene. 

While I drove in, I met with an unexpected sight of a white BMW car and red Benz SUV, the vehicles of my parents.

That's very rare... Moreover, I wasn't informed of their arrival either.

And strangely, there were 2 more black Benz SUVs at the parking lot, spanning my usual parking spot.

I didn't know why but something quite didn't feel right... 

Having parked my car next to my parents' ones, I walked to my home with my roller suitcase.

Having both my parents here in this part of the year was weird. Their being here without any prior notice was weirder, while the extra 2 SUVs made things look the weirdest. 

Maybe a surprise party or something like that? ...But when did my parents become so thoughtful? And who were those extras?

Debating these thoughts in my mind, I made my way in through the door, only to find more bizarre things waiting for me. The first sight I met in the foyer was two men in all-black suits and wearing earpieces, standing rigidly like pillars. In the living room, I spotted another two. I swiftly made my way into the living room since I was having a bad feeling about these bizarre people. There, I found my parents seated obediently on the couch which further 2 men were standing on either side, as if on guard. Before I could speak, someone rose up from the huge armchair which I left unnoticed. This person clad in all black except for his white shirt certainly differed from his minions due to the smarter and more acute aura coming from him.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Mithra Vasudev. Take a seat."

"Who are you? and what gives you the right to order me around in my house?"

In contrast to what I expected, the man stood calm while my dad rushed to me,

"Mithra, don't make a scene and stay quiet."

Huh? Unbelievable! I looked at my mom hoping that she'd explain or react, but she was just staring at the ground.

"Wait, where are Aunt Sita and Mr Brown?"

"The old man has gone with our men to accompany the fainted woman in the hospital," the man in black & white replied.

Aunt Sita fainted?! 

I was too confused to react, and in the background, I heard my mom breaking into muffled sobs. When I turned back, my mom ran in without saying a word, while my dad was standing motionless, displaying a look of deep guilt.

Unable to digest what was going around me, I screamed,


That man came back to me,

"Miss Vasudev, listen carefully." Following a pause, he continued,

"You've been sold off to our master by your parents. And, you'll leave with us now. If you want, I can brief you on the situation, in transit to our destination."


"Now since you know what's going on, please cooperate."

"Impossible! My parents weren't in short of money. How's it possible that they sold me?!"

"My lady, you can ask your dad how he agreed to give you away in exchange for 5 Billion Dollars. And now, we don't have time for your family drama. It's time. Follow me out."

5 Billion dollars?! Looking at how my dad wasn't bothering to explain, it all seemed true. Of course, I knew he was greedy and selfish, but I didn't expect it to this extent. Furthermore, I couldn't believe that my mom didn't do anything to stop this. This is why I've always been wondering whether I was really their biological child.

Though they didn't love me that much, they've always fulfilled my needs so that they would appear considerate in the public eye. But looks like that act was also finally over. 

It felt like I'd died...

"My lady, I know that you might be feeling disappointed, but we can give you no more than 5 minutes."

At that moment, when I was already dead inside, I made up my mind for the last time and spoke out lifelessly.

"No need for 5 minutes. And why would I feel disappointed in the people whom I've never had any expectations, to begin with?"

No one reacted, including the man in black and white. I found myself continuing,

"Let's leave... Take me to the man who bought me for 5 Billion Dollars."

"Yes, My lady."

In a short while, the two black SUVs set out with me travelling in one of them, accompanied by the driver and the man in black and white. Only now did I feel thousands of questions that had been suppressed by the situation before, pop up in my mind. 

"My lady, you look like you have something to ask," the man in black & white must've noticed my troubled expression.

"Who's your master? and why do you keep addressing me as your Lady?"

The brief moment of silence was broken by the long audible sigh coming from him.

"I'm addressing you that way, since... you're my master's bride."


"And my master is pseudonymously known as the Black Dragon."

Black Dragon?! Isn't he the rising business tycoon who had already made his way to the top, being feared by everyone in the business circle of Manhattan? But I think I heard many rumours saying that the Black dragon might be a woman or an AI robot, or a vampire, or even a well experienced old man, all due to no one having seen him ever before. But, there was one thing that everyone was sure about.

Black dragon was known to be merciless, earning him the name- 'The villain'


So... I, Mithra Vasudev, have been sold to be the 'Villain's Bride'...

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