Chapter 6 : Temptation

Raya's POV

The ride after the dinner was quiet. I opened the window and let the cool night air hit my face. It helped soothe my irate stomach. Once the car stopped I was awestruck by the sights. This was not a house. It looked like a palace. A huge ivory-colored mansion with gold-colored detailing stood out majestically against the night sky. A matching white and gold marble fountain at the entrance welcomed us. Wow, he is indeed filthy rich like I had assumed.  As soon as we entered the door a butler and house staff were standing in a line welcoming us. I looked at the huge clock at the entrance. It was 10 PM and still, the staff was dressed immaculately in their uniforms showing no signs of tiredness or sleepiness.

“Richard, please ask Mrs. Florentine to show Miss Raya here to the guest room and give her everything to make her comfortable. Please follow me to my study. I have a few things to discuss with you.

That was it and off he went. A short plump woman greeted me with a smile “Come with me, Miss. Raya”

I followed her through the huge hallway and up the stairs. The lights and the décor were breathtaking. I tried to keep my eyes on Mrs. Florentine but the interiors of the mansion were fighting for my attention. Soon we entered a room. “This will be your room, Miss. Raya. There are clothes in the wardrobe for day and night. A fresh set of towels are placed in the bathroom and also in the wardrobe. Please make yourself comfortable and pls press the button on your bedside table if you need anything. I will be here in a few minutes when you call me”

“Thank You, Mrs. Florentine,” I said.

I closed the door behind her and exhaustion hit me with a vengeance. All this time it was like I was in a trance and now that I was no longer with Mr. Barlow I realized how tired I was from the whole ordeal. I went to the bathroom and washed my face. I looked at the huge bathtub and wished to have a long bath in it but I knew that I might just fall asleep in the tub if I tried to take a bath in it now. I dropped my clothes in the hamper and just ran some hot water from the shower and took a quick bath. I stepped out into the room and headed to the wardrobe.

There was an array of nightclothes from gowns to pajamas. I picked out a pair of pink silk shorts and a shirt set. There was no bra or panty and hence I just slipped on the shirt and shorts and went to bed.

I could not get the dinner out of my mind. How kind and sweet Mr.Barlow had been. I had indeed been lucky that his cousin chose to place a bid on me for him. I could not imagine spending the night with some sweaty, fat old man. I had not been entirely honest with Mr. Barlow. He said he could not believe that people in this day and age still asking for a virginity vow. Well neither could I. I had always received a lot of attention from boys and when I was thirteen was when I filled out and grew beautiful. I tried to ignore the attention and be a girl good initially but I also started having strange urges and one night I was making out with a boy who was pursuing me. He was the school football team captain and very handsomely built. We were making out in my room when my father had walked in on us. He was furious. He had held the boy by his elbow and dragged him out of the house. My father had slapped me hard and told me to stay away from boys. That Sunday he took me to the church and made me wear a ring and swear that I will remain pure until I get married and did not have sex with any boy.

The whole episode had shaken me and instilled a deep sense of shame. I had sworn that I would never be in such a shameful situation like that again. No matter how many boys showed interest in me. I began shunning them all. I had no right to show my body to anyone as I has made a vow. I had to preserve myself for my husband and no one else. When I was haunted by thoughts of boys or when my body began betraying me I would close my eyes and remember the vow I had made. If I would have thoughts of getting close to anyone it would be betraying the sacred vow. Even after my father has passed away the vow I had made to him only grew stronger and I distanced myself from boys and all men.

Now the thought of my virginity being sold to a man should have terrified me. It did for the last two days. But Mr. Barlow had stirred all the feelings that I had managed to hide away inside me. I wanted to offer myself to him despite the vow. I didn’t know what was driving me. He was so kind. I had felt love for the first time in my life. Someone had lavished so much attention on me, taken care of my desires, and tried to make me happy. I had always been told to be a good girl, to behave, to fear God, and not entertain thoughts of love or boys. I had indeed been a pious girl even though in my heart I had always had a desire to break the vow. The fear of the repercussions had always held me back. I had held myself back from everything fun. My friends made fun of me but I had no choice. These things had been instilled deep into my heart and had enslaved my brain from ever trying to break them. I could not go against them.

But now lying in bed I toss and turn. I am exhausted I should have just fallen asleep like a log. I am plagued by the thoughts of Mr. Barlow. I can’t get him out of my mind. His musky scent was the first thing that hit my senses when he held me in his hands, even before I could see him, his scent had enthralled me. When he stood me up and I saw him, my very being was shaken. All the desires I had hidden away came forth like a volcano. I had been gripped by a strong sense of desire which I had managed to hide away all these years. I was ready to give myself away to Mr.Barlow when he smiled at me. He was such a gentleman too. So charming. He cared about me, he had been so sweet to ensure that I had a good memory of my eighteenth birthday. He even apologized for the predicament I was in even though it was not his fault. And when he kept his hand on my hands I felt my insides stir, the sexy beast that was asleep had not only been awakened but it was famished. It was demanding that I feed it.

The only thing I could think of now was Mr. Barlow and the thought of his skin on my skin, his lips on my lips. I wanted him so bad and I could not wait anymore. Before I knew it I am on my feet. I feel my body burning with desire. I walk out of my room barefoot without any idea where Mr. Barlow would be. I know I need to find him somehow. I walk across the hallway on the marbled floor. It must be icy cold but I don’t feel it at all. I am like a person possessed.  I walk into the huge hallway on the first floor and try to locate the study. It is so strange that when I am trying to look for him I am unable to spot even one person who could lead me to him. I should have just called for Mrs.Florentine instead of walking here. I try to head back to my room and call Mrs.Florentine and I hit something hard. I almost fall back from the impact when I feel strong hands holding me up.

I inhale the strong musky scent and know that it is him. The one I have been looking for so desperately. My heart flutters as he helps me up. I feel like I am flying in the air. I see that he is only wearing a pair of grey jogger pants. His upper body was bare. I can see he has elaborate tattoos on both his shoulders that span across his chest. I cannot resist the urge to run my hands on them. I feel his chest tense as my cold fingers move slowly across his chest and shoulders. I look into his eyes as I touch his chest. His eyes are smoldering. He parts his lips lightly and sighs. His hand is still holding my waist after pulling me up from my near fall. I look into his eyes and slowly bring my gaze down to his lips. I lick my lips as I do so. He brings his face closer to mine.

“What were you doing here in the hallways alone, little girl?” he says in a low voice.

His voice sends goosebumps all over my body. I reply raspily “I was looking for you Mr. Barlow. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful dinner. You made my eighteenth birthday special”

“The pleasure is all mine little girl. Now tell me what were you really looking for? Did you want something else? You could have thanked me in the morning” he said not believing a word coming out of my mouth. Did my face betray what I was feeling?

“There was just one more thing left to make my birthday truly special” I reply batting my lashes at him.

He quickly transfers me from one hand to another and brings my face closer to his. The act almost made me lose my footing. I place one hand on his chest again and one on his well-defined abs. He takes in a sharp breath. I am swooning. I am pressed hard against his body now and I feel something hard press against my stomach. My eyes widen when I realize that I might be exciting Mr. Barlow. I grow bolder.

“What is that little girl?” he growls.

There are no words necessary now. My breaths get deeper. I take my nose close to his nose and rub against his nose. He lets out a low growl. Animalistic. I feel something primal inside me. I know he is feeling it too. His growing bulge that is rubbing against my stomach confirms as much. I take my lips closer to his and plant a soft kiss on his lips. He does not move, does not kiss me back. I take my lips to his neck and plant a soft kiss on the side of his neck. He turns me around quickly with an arm around my neck.

“What are you doing Raya? You said you have taken a vow of staying a virgin till you are married. Why are you tempting me now? You don’t want to unleash the beast inside me. Once I start I won’t be able to stop. Don’t be naïve and play with me” he hisses in my ear a hint of anger laced in his voice.

“Don’t push me away now Mr. Barlow. I came to you knowing very well what will happen. I have tried to control myself for so long, so many years of trying to suppress my feelings. I can’t hold it in anymore. Not with you. I can’t explain it. I am drawn to you. I want you. Your magnetism didn’t let me sleep and dragged me away from my bed. I came looking for you to offer myself to you. If you don’t desire me, I will return. But I am yours for the night, aren’t I? Do away with me as you please Mr. Barlow.” I plead.

He has no idea how much I want him to act on his desires. I can feel his bulge pushing into my ass even more. Is he getting even harder?

“Raya. Are you ready to break your vow? Are you ready to be mine?” he growled in my ear.

“Yes, Mr. Barlow. Take me. Take me now. I can’t wait any longer”

Mr. Barlow turned me around and kissed my mouth. His left hand was in my hair and his right hand moved down and grabbed my ass. I melted right there in his arms. His tongue parted my lips and I gave in. His lips were the sweetest thing I had ever tasted in my life. An amalgamation of whiskey and mint, a heady concoction. I let out a light moan savoring his lips. What a wonderful feeling it was? He sucked on my lips as if his life depended on it. His hand lightly squeezed my butt. He pulled away and I looked into his eyes. His eyes had the same longing which I was feeling. I wanted more, now that I had tasted his lips, I was insatiable. I wanted to taste every bit of his body. I wanted him to use my body for his pleasure. I wanted to make him happy. I could not understand why my father had forbidden me from ever getting involved with a boy. The things I was feeling tonight were surreal. How did I manage to hold myself back all these years? Maybe the wine was making me bolder and go after my bodily desires.

He hoisted me on his shoulder and carried me in the hallway and into a room. It looked like the master bedroom. He threw me on the large king-sized bed. Satin maroon-colored bedsheets on the bed. The satin felt amazing against my skin.

“Undress” he commanded.

“As you say Mr. Barlow” I replied raspily.

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