Lunch together

Rodrigo walked in followed closely by Camilla. Lola Campbell was seated poised and beside her was seated a delicate looking girl with a fragile look and appearance. 

   When Camilla saw, she had to swallow a lump of saliva. The girl looked perhaps a little younger than her, beautiful with an exquisite outfit. 

   Within a few seconds, Camilla had glanced at her. Her earrings, necklace and Bangles were pure gold, glittering and giving her the air of a girl from an aristocratic family.

   Her eyelashes were long and her fingernails were painted red which is the same with her lipstick. Her eyeballs were grey and she has blond hair.

   Lola Campbell and the girl looked in the direction of the both of them and there was an instant frown on the face of Lola.

   The girl looked at Camilla with disdain and looked her to her toes, an act of arrogance on display. 

    The girl stood up with a forced smile, her eyes lingering at the intertwined fingers of Rodrigo and Camilla. She already showed a disapproving  glaring at the girl with Rodrigo.

   She walked towards Rodrigo with the intention of hugging him and smiled " Hello Rodrigo" she said, coming closer.

   Rodrigo pretended not to see her at all, he treated her as air, and pulled Camilla close, holding her by the waist. He would see if the stupid Emma would still be willing to fool herself.

   Emma paused, a distorted look on her face. He avoided her and hugged another girl before her? How could he disrespect her so much?

   "Hi mum" Rodrigo said, walking past the stunned Emma who stood embarrassed and glared at him and his girlfriend.

   "What's the meaning of this Rodrigo?" Lola demanded. She can't imagine that her son has the audacity to bring this trash here, to his family house?

   He had told him that when Emma comes around, he would come over for lunch. He should have known that he was coming over to have lunch with Emma and his family.

   Why brought this thing along with him? Who dares to bring a girlfriend to a meeting to embarrass his fiance? What is wrong with her son?

   "How do you mean mum?" Rodrigo asked, looking surprised at his mother's question. How can she ask him what that means?

   He had only brought his girlfriend home for lunch, so what's the big deal about it? And besides it's only normal that one goes to lunch with his girlfriend.

   "Why are you here with this thing? I remember I told you Emma would be coming over.."Lola inquired and Rodrigo's countenance changed.

   "What do you mean by this thing mum? My girlfriend's name is Camilla and I would appreciate it if you address her by her name in the future" Rodrigo was furious.

   "Huh... Aunt, there is no problem with him coming over with a friend. It's alright, don't get upset with him.." Emma said, with  a forced smile.

   Camilla was already struggling to get free from Rodrigo and take to her heels but he was holding her tight and would not let her get free. He was never going to let her feel inferior to anyone.

   "Oh darling..I know you have a heart of gold. You are definitely going to be the best daughter in-law anyone would ever crave for. Father was right when he asked Rodrigo to be married to you" Lola chimed, walking over and kissing her temple.

    Rodrigo had passed the two ladies and walked towards the dining room with Camilla. He didn't wait to hear the ending part of his mother's words to Emma.

   He had made it clear he was not interested in getting married to Emma. But his grandfather and mother were head bent in match making them.

   He was not going to be blamed. And if Emma is wise, she would find her way already and head toward her parents home, and find another suitor rather than wasting her time and waiting for him to come.

   His grandfather stepped down from the stairs. He knows already that his grandson has arrived, he saw his car drive through the gate a while ago.

   And knowing Emma was here, granddaughter of his late friend Kim, he was willing to see them both getting to know each other.

    Emma was Martin's daughter and Martin's father was Kim, friend to Rodrigo's grandfather. He wants their friendship to grow and he decides to make his grandson a son-in-law to Martin, Kim's son.

   But Kim was dead. He died the previous year but Larry Campbell decided to keep his promise to his best friend Kim even though he was in the grave.

   But when he saw Camilla, he frowned. His grandson was going to put him to shame if he didn't stop being with their filth.

   "Hello grandfather" Rodrigo said, offering a seat for the terrified Camilla. He deliberately didn't look at his father, he knew his grandfather's gaze must be a little distorted.

    "You are supposed to have lunch with your fiance Emma. Why are you here with some characterless girl?" Larry Campbell was furious.

   "I was wondering myself why some girls wouldn't let a man woo them before running around cheaply to seduce them.." Lola added, walking to the dinning with Emma behind.

  "I take an exception to that. I won't let anyone disrespect my girlfriend. She is my girlfriend and I brought her here. If you have anything to say, direct them to me and not her.

   And if you think I am not welcome, I will walk away now, I wasn't interested in having lunch with you either" Rodrigo declared.

   Camilla was shivering already. She hadn't taken a seat before and wished she could walk away so quickly. She can't imagine what else they would say to her.

  She had already been called by some unpleasant adjectives already. She wouldn't be able to keep her tears in check if another adjective is added.

   "Grandfather, Aunt, I am fine with Rodrigo being here with his friend. We are just getting to meet each other officially. Next time, he wouldn't bring her here again" Emma defended with a mischievous stare at Camilla.

   "Why did you poke your nose where it doesn't belong? Who told you I needed your defence and who made you think next time I won't be coming home with my girlfriend? Stay off matters you are not invited in" Rodrigo warned and gave her a menacing stare.

   Emma was stunned at Rodrigo's words. He dares to talk to her carelessly simply because of the trash he came with.

   She had heard of the rumoured girlfriend Rodrigo loved and cherished and now she believed it. She would deal with her, she doesn't know how complicated it is for her to compete with her man.

   Rodrigo forced Camilla to sit down and sat next to her. "Lunch now or I leave?" He declared and looked towards his mother.

  Jenny was panting when he pushed open the door to the house. She had been running all the way from the hospital. She doesn't have a dime in her and after the words of the doctor, she didn't think the distance of the hospital to her home mattered.

   It all seemed like a two minutes walk because of how scared she was after the doctors said her mother was going to be removed from the life support machine.

    The bill was much and if there is no more payment, her mother would be removed from the support machine and allowed to die.

   She can't afford to lose her mother. Despite being in a coma for so long, she still wanted her mother to live, to come back to her again.

   Her parents had been involved in an accident two years ago and her father had died in that accident. Her mother was brought to the hospital in a coma.

   She showed signs of waking up someday but the next thing she heard was that she had gone into a vegetative State. Her life was only being sustained by the life support machine.

    Jenny was breathing hard as her chest pushed forward and backwards, she opened her mouth to be able to breathe more easily.

    She was feeling thirsty but that was the least of the things that bothered her. She can be thirsty forever, that would matter as much as getting her uncle and Aunt to help save her mother.

   Her Aunt Sabrina was seated in the sitting room with her legs crossed and perusing a newspaper. She seemed to be relaxed and perfectly calm.

   "Aunt,Aunt, I need your help!" Jenny said, kneeling before her and holding her feet. She was still breathing hard and sweating profusely.

   Sebrina frowned and moved her feet away from Jenny. But the latter went after her feet and held it. She bowed, almost kissing those feet.

   " Please save my mum Aunt, please save her" Jenny was pleading, this time her eyes were already welled up in tears.

   " Your mother is simply useless and will never recover. Why should I save her?" Sabrina asked, eyeing her niece.

   " Please Aunt, I know one day she will come around again. And the doctor said they needed more money to keep her in the support machine.." Jenny was pleading the more.

   Her cousin Betty came downstairs and walked past her to sit next to her mother. She was chewing gum and blowing it lousily like some cheap loose girls in the brothels.

    "That would be better for us all if she dies. She had wasted a lot of money and wouldn't wake up from a coma. You think I would be willing to spend more money on the vegetable you referred to as your mother?" Sabrina declared and pushed Jenny off from holding her feet.

   Jenny couldn't hold her tears anymore. Her mother, wealthy and beautiful Temi Davies, has been reduced to a vegetable and her aunt said it was better that she died.

   Her parents' wealth and properties were taken over by her uncle and his family and they moved into her home and owned it. 

   Now she's become a guest in her parents house and even begging her aunt to save her mother and she said it was better than she died?

   How can she endure such evil words from her own family towards her mother? Well, now is not the time to pick offence, what she wants is to see her Mother being offered medical help, that is the only way to console herself that her mother would come alive again.

   " Aunt, please anything you want me to do, any errands, I will but just save my mother" Jenny pleaded, her eyes gone red and her nose sour.

   Sebrina and her daughter glanced at each other and a faint smile appeared at the corner of the latter's lips.

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