The wedding

The next morning, Jenny was dressed in a wedding dress and stepped out of the car. She was going to be wedded to Eduardo Anderson that morning.

   Brides were supposed to be happy on the day of their wedding right? But Jenny was sad. She was forced into it. Brides were usually full of smiles and walked happily down the aisle to meet with their groom right? 

  But Jenny's countenance was void of smiles or happiness. She looked gloomy and deliberately was not interested in having makeup on. She was getting married because the sustenance of her mother's life depended on it.

   If this is what she will do for her mother, she would gladly do it. This is the least she can do for her. She hopes her Aunt keeps to the promise.

   She couldn't Walk properly, her ankle has been sprained. She was wearing a hill, too high for her and she tripped just as she was stepping down the stairs.

    Her Aunt said some horrible words at her and said she could crawl to the wedding, if she so wishes. All that mattered to herwas meeting Eduardo at the wedding bureau and being joined to him as his wife.

   She stood up in her clumsy wedding dress and discovered she might be having a dislocation. She appeared to be limbing as she came out of the car.

  When Mr and Mrs Anderson saw who the bride was, their countenance changed. Why did the Davis change the bride at the last minute? Was it because their son was cripple?

   Betty was supposed to be the bride to Eduardo, why this girl? Who is she in the first place? But because they did not have an option, they swallowed their displeasure.

   It's even a great honour to find a girl who would be willing to be married to a man who would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

   A man who will never be able to make love to her. Just stay by his side and remain a virgin forever. Such situations are not pleasant.

     Jenny's uncle Matto Davis walked her down the aisle to Where Eduardo was waiting in his wheelchair. He wore an expensive suite on a necktie and his hair trimmed to give a charming look.

   Of the truth, Eduardo Anderson was charming and handsome. He possessed a powerful aura that despite being on a wheelchair, he was able to suppress everyone with his aura.

   The only thing that makes him unhappy is his disability. He was fine until he had an accident a year ago and that rendered him confined to a wheelchair.

   That probably was the reason for his hot temper. It wasn't easy though to suddenly become someone that depends on others to survive. 

   When he saw the bride approaching, he frowned. She wasn't supposed to be the bride. It was supposed to be Betty and not this girl coming forward.

  So because he is cripple, he has to make do with whatever is pushed before him. He pretended to be calm and had that expressionless face of his.

   When Jenny arrived and stood beside him, she subconsciously looked at his legs. That action caused a slight murmuring and Eduardo's parents were displeased.

   "Didn't you know that I am cripple?" Eduardo asked carefully. Why is she reminding him that he was getting married on a wheelchair while the bride was standing beside him.

   When Jenny heard that voice, she squinted. The voice is familiar. She looked at his face and her heartbeat almost skipped. 

   He was the man she met a week ago who was running and escaping from men pursuing him. He suddenly gripped her and said " Save me" 

   Without waiting for an answer,he pulled her to himself and started kissing her. She was struggling but he whispered, " I won't hurt you"

   She was still struggling when she heard men in their numbers running in the direction where they were standing.

   She immediately cooperated with him and kissed him, circling her hands around his neck and was in an intense romantic mood.

   They saw the couple and the men walked past them. Soon they returned and were making a phone call " He escaped". They continued and didn't pay attention to the men until one of them nudged them.

   "Have a great time lovers" and walked away. Soon they heard the noise of the cars zooming off. As Soon as they left, they stopped kissing.

   " Thank you" he said and adjusted his shirt, which appeared a little rumpled. He was going to leave when he asked " what's your name?" 

   " Jane," she replied flippantly. He left without another word but a car headlights showed on his face and she saw his face.

   But he walked with his legs that night. Why is he on a wheelchair now? Jenny was confused and shook the idea off.

   She must have taken him to be someone else. Everyone in the city knew that Eduardo Anderson was crippled as a result of the accident he had months ago.

   Jenny didn't answer his question and simply waited to be joined. Soon the wedding vows were exchanged for rings.

   The ring was beautiful and crafted out of the finest of diamonds. It glitters and everyone that saw it, envied her. 

   Betty smirked. Such an expensive ring for a wedding where the man is impotent. Jenny will live the rest of her life in regrets. Thank goodness her parents were wise and adopted the method they used,in getting her to agree to marry that impotent man.

   A man who is cripple, whose spinal cord has lost his function, how can he make love to his wife. She wondered how boring their wedding night was going to be.

   "The couple can now kiss" that's the last section of the wedding and Jenny sighed softly. How does she do it when her husband is in a wheelchair and her legs are hurting her and she's in pain?

   Eduardo Anderson remained expressionless and calm. He can't stand up anhe can't force her to bend to his level. Whatever happens, he wasn't going to take offence.

   Just then, Jenny drew closer and bent herself in great difficulty, to kiss him. But before her lips could reach he's, he pulled her to sit on his thighs and kissed her lips sweetly.

   There was an applaud. After the kissing, Jenny wanted to get up but Eduardo Anderson didn't let her stand on her feet.

   He called the emcee and said the wedding was over and the reception was not necessary. He is grateful to all who took time to witness their Union.

   That way, everyone left and Eduardo insisted that she should remain on his thighs as the wheelchair was pushed gently away.

   Betty and her mother grinned. How pitiable. The wheelchair bride. Betty was satisfied with how everything was handled. Her daughter would have been the one on that wheelchair.

   Eduardo dismissed the wedding guest and wouldn't even give them a reception. He was in a hurry to take his ride home. And it's not like he can do anything with her, he just puts on a show before the people.

   As their car drove into the vast compound where Eduardo's Mansion was housed,  protocols stood on the two sides while Eduardo and Jenny walked through the midst of the Mansion.

   Jenny was spellbound on how expensive Eduardo's Mansion was. She was just newly wedded and every one of her husband's protocol bowed to her and her husband.

   His bodyguards walked behind him and eventually they got into the Mansion. She was taken to her room. It's a large beautiful room with a king size bed.

   Eduardo told her this was going to be her room henceforth. She was not going to share his room, they both should have their privacy.

   Jenny was surprised. They aren't going to share the same room? She thought couples were to share the same room especially when they just got married.

   The surprise onbyer race was evident and Eduardo asked her if she was expecting anything else after the wedding? Quickly, Jenny said no, shaking her head.

  " Good" he said and wheeled himself out. Jenny sank into the sofa and sighed audibly. Finally she's free from her aunt's bully and her cousin insultive words at her.

   Even if Eduardo was hot tempered, she was his wife. There are limits to how he would treat her so harshly and utter terrible words at her.

   The door to her room suddenly opened again and Eduardo walked in, holding a first aid box. " You will have to treat your ankle yourself," he said, stretching his hand to her.

   Jenny was more than stunned. He knew she hurt her ankle? He probably cancelled the wedding reception as a result of that and insisted that she sits on his thighs?

   All along, he was concerned about her. She carefully stretched her hand out and collected the first aid box. Her eyes were welled up in tears.

   Eduardo saw it and simply turned his wheelchair and went out. He didn't want to see her tears. Tears, especially a Feminine tears are one of his weaknesses.

   Jenny pulled off the heavy, clumsy wedding dress and carefully started treating her sprained ankle.

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