The Promise

Camilla got dressed and went to the company. She arrived almost at the same time Rodrigo arrived. She didn't pause to say anything to him but went straight towards the elevator.

   Rodrigo caught up with her just before the elevator closed on them. Camilla had given him a cold shoulder the previous evening when he went to find her in her house.

   He stood and talked with her but She didn't reply to him nor utter anything. She just remained with her back to him. Eventually he left, leaving her alone.

   At least he knows where she was already. Shexwas home and being with her mother, she wasn't going to do anything to hurt herself besides sobbing.

   He was worried all night as he kept calling her and Camilla would not answer her phone. Will she return to the company? He doesn't want her to do anything silly like resigning from the company.

   But seeing that morning and being alone in the elevator, he pulled her to himself and started kissing her. Camilla was struggling but he kissed her more, forcing her mouth open and taking control of her tongue.

   Camilla was hitting him on his chest in protest, but it appeared she was caressing his chest and not hitting. She bit his lips and Rodrigo didn't care.

   Soon they both started tasting blood. Seeing she couldn't resist him more, she let him alone just as the elevator came to a stop. 

  Before it would open, Rodrigo had let her go and adjusted his suit. He was expressionless as if nothing had happened except his now red lips where Camilla bit him.

   As the elevator opened, he walked out of it with his shoulders raised and a poker face. The secretaries stood up when he walked out of the elevator.

   Rodrigo Campbell's office was on the 21st floor of the Campbell's tower where all the official activities of the companies take place.

   Rodrigo didn't even glance at them as he walked towards his office. Joel was coming from a different elevator. Everyone knows that only the President and his girlfriend used that elevator.

   Every other person, coming to the top floor uses the general elevator and that was exactly where Joel also took.  

   He knew everything that happened the previous day between his boss and his girlfriend. But Camilla shouldn't blame him. He hadn't done anything wrong and he wasn't the one who hurt her.

   He knew pressure that Rodrigo's family are mounting on him to be married soon and it has to be that spoilt brat from the Martin Kim family.

   If it were some well mannered and brought up girl, he wouldn't have been so concerned about his boss' emotions. But that girl who is arrogant and spoilt, is the one his family was asking him to marry.

   All for the sake of cooperation and future collaboration. If there weren't marriage between them, wouldn't they still be able to cooperate in the future?

   He wished someone would tell his boss' family that the archaic tradition of the 16th century they are practising had already been abolished.

   As Rodrigo stepped into his office, Camilla followed. Camilla's office was the outer section of Rodrigo's office. She was his personal secretary and he made it so.

   Joel walked in as well. He kept his boss' computer and the times he got from home and was talking in whispers to Camilla.

   " Why did you take off like you did yesterday? You have to be brave and stand up for what you love. Are you going to find your arms and let Emma take your man away?

   Next time, prove yourself to be strong and defend your territory. Defend what you love even if it means dying protecting it. And of course, you are not dying now until you are two hundred years old" Joel declared and Camilla laughed.

   Joel has been a friend to her since she became Rodrigo's woman. He was Rodrigo's assistant but he had become her friend. Camilla said alright, next time she wouldn't run off like a coward again.

  Joel said that would be better. Just then Rodrigo asked that Camilla meet him in his office and at the same time, instructed Joel to cancel all his meetings that morning.

   Camilla went to see Rodrigo and sat seated with his long legs across his desk. He was staring at Camilla who walked in and didn't even spare him a glance.

   She walked over to the coffee stand and prepared two glasses of coffee quickly, handing one over to Rodrigo, she took a sip from her own glass and sat down with her legs crossed on the sofa.

   She looked sullen, she really wasn't interested in talking to him. She had told him she was not interested in accompanying him to lunch at his family house, but he insisted and the result of it was insults from his family.

   " Relax, I will not Marry her" Rodrigo said. He stood up and walked over to where Camilla was seated and sat beside her, pulling her to himself.

   " I don't love her. I love only you and my heart and love is only for you. Whatever happens Camilla, I can never stop loving you.." Rodrigo confessed his feelings.

   " You should have let me be Rodrigo. I know your family doesn't want me anywhere around you. Why did you choose to take me home to them?" Camilla complained.

   " I insisted because very soon, that place is going to be a home to you and our future kids," Rodrigo teased.

   He took the glass of coffee from her and placed it on the stud beside the sofa. He started kissing her. Camilla kissed him back, this time she didn't struggle with him but allowed him to kiss her.

   The kissing became intensified. Rodrigo kissed her hard as his hands lingered towards her open cleavage. His body became tensed, it's been weeks since he last had sex with her,looks like his body wants her badly.

   He stood up and pulled her up to himself. His hands now below her blouse and seeking to unhook her bra when Camilla held him. Before she could say anything, he answered her thoughts:

   " This is my office and not anyone else's"  Rodrigo declared and lifted her off her feet into his lounge. Camilla was rendered momentarily speechless.

   She could feel his cock poking her already. If Rodrigo takes her in the lounge, that means she won't be able to do anything else that day in the office.

   He placed her on his bed and within a few minutes, he had undressed her. He soon was left naked as he started kissing her all over.

    He kissed her entire body, and when he reached her nipples, Camilla shivered and held him tight. She closed her eyes and enjoyed every bit of Rodrigo 's body.

   He was already waiting for him to take her. She can feel she was wet and slippery down there already. She was already moaning silently. 

   Rodrigo was hard and erect, ready to devour her as he suddenly turned her, taking her from behind he drove hard into her.

   A soft moan escaped from Camilla's lips. He was thrusting into her and Camilla was taking in every single thrust by moaning out Rodrigo's name.

   The latter liked it whenever she was moaning his name. It made him serve her better, he was thrusting her deeper and harder, driving her like a horse.

  After a long time, Rodrigo became violent and hard as he finally calmed down, letting her go and she collapsed below him.

   She was breathing hard. She seemed to have lost her strength and carefully turned around and faced the calmly and relaxed Rodrigo as if he wasn't the one who just did hard work.

   He laid on the bed and pulled Camilla to himself. He kissed her temple and she snuggled into him.

   "I want you to be brave Camilla. I didn't like timid women. Don't you want to prove yourself to me that you are my best half?

   What you did yesterday was annoying. How can you make yourself appear weak and helpless before Emma? If it were my mother and grandfather alone, I wouldn't have bothered like I am now.

   You are making Emma think she is better than you. And as far as I know, there isn't any woman good for me except you. You are mine Camilla and I won't ever be anybody else except you.." Rodrigo cautioned.

   Camilla said fine, she would be more bold and courageous next time. Rodrigo said that is exactly what he wants. He wants to be with her alone and she shouldn't worry about Emma.

   After a while Camilla wanted to stand up from the bed and cleaned up, she needed to dress up. She can't remain in the lounge having romantic moments with the boss while work is waiting for her on her desk.

   But Rodrigo pinned her down. He asked her to remain still. Camilla was marked, she knows when Rodrigo does that, it simply means he wants to take her again.

   " No, Rodrigo" Camilla refused, she can't afford a second round in the office lounge. She tried her best to stand up but Rodrigo pinned her down still, " who says I am done with you?" He asked, kissing the nook of her neck.

   " We are in the office and I have work to do. This place is not convenient for this?" She tried explaining, trying to push Rodrigo off.

   " I am the boss, put your excuses on me" Rodrigo was serious and Camilla had to beg and persuade him that she would follow him home that evening.

   "Deal?" He asked and Camilla replied "deal". Only then did Rodrigo let her be and he let her go. 

  When he stepped out of the lounge, he met his mother seated. Lola Campbell had been waiting for quite some time, she suspected that her son was up to some mischief in his lounge.

   "How are you Son?" Lola Campbell said, staring at her son. She can tell that he was just done with a woman. What else could explain why he was not on seat and Camilla's outer Jacket of her blouse was on the floor.

   She has been there for close to twenty minutes and she was hearing noises coming from his lounge. That stinking girl must have been enticing him with his mother.

   "Hello mum" Rodrigo said casually and came over, picking Camilla's jacket off the floor and hung it where he hung his suit on the arm of his chair.

   " I have been here for a while. I stopped by to see how you are doing and now. And another thing, Emma is moving into your Mansion, you both need to know each other better"Lola announced and expected Rodrigo to say something, but her son didn't even look up at her.

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