Saved his life

"Speak?!" Rodrigo had ordered, his hands in his pants pocket as he stared at the shivering waitress before him. She looked scared , looking backwards for times he couldn't number.

   "I am sorry but your drinks have been drugged" she warned him. Shivering and her forehead was covered in bears. She had never harmed anyone in her life and she finds this a crime to follow a bad man's order and harm someone who has done her no wrong.

   Rodrigo had looked at her from her head to her toes with a frown before he asked " how did you know my drink was drugged?" He asked, scrutinising her still with his eyes.

   "I did it. I was forced to do it at gunpoint after I refused the initial offer of money. I am sorry that's why I had to find a way to inform you about it" She explained wi

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