No one to call her own

That morning at the Campbell's Company, Lola walked in when Rodrigo was about to go for a conference. He sighed, he knew his mother was going to create a scene, trying all she can to separate Camilla from him.

   "Surprise to see me Son?" Lola said, walking over and taking a seat. She smiled, she wasn't looking like someone who came to quarrel or cause a rift.

   "Why are you in the company mother?" Rodrigo asked, looking at his wristwatch, it was remaining a few minutes to the start of the conference. He could forfeit it if it involved his company alone, but he has presidents of other companies coming, it's a meeting for partnership.

   "Just stop by and say hi. Well, I want to have a talk with your personal secretary" Lola requested, crossing her legs and staring at her

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