It's Over now

"What I want to know is, how many times does a Man get punished for the same mistake? You almost had him killed in City B. And now, you totally murdered his personality. How many more times will you still punish him" Susan Anderson asked.

At this time, Camilla's eyes had reddened. She doesn't know how to answer that question. Both of her mothers have spoken words that showed how disappointed they were in her.

"I swear I didn't know a thing about this. I didn't. I can't even believe that someone was recording the whole shit. I didn't do it" Camilla declared and couldn't hold her tears as she walked away from everyone.

Jade and Jude came downstairs for breakfast and saw their mother walking past them in a hurry without her usual kisses at them.

Last night, everyone just melted away from their party and next they were taken to their rooms. This morning their mum was sobbing.

They were kids, babies and besides their nanny, no one else understands them so well. Even their
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