Rush of adrenaline

" Aren't you going to get us an ice cream?" Jade asked. Now, her mummy was going to get them all ice cream but she returned feeling like she saw a ghost.

"Yes, baby. But I've changed my mind" Camilla replied. She suddenly was no longer interested in eating an ice cream but to return home and lock herself in her room.

"Was it that cute uncle that made you change your mind?" Jade propped. Her mummy changed her mind after walking behind that uncle who seemed not to hear her calling him. She saw her from the car.

Camilla was dazed. She saw her following behind Rodrigo? She really did to have ask such a question. But when she thought that Jade referred to Rodrigo as uncle, her heart bleeds.

He was supposed to be called daddy as they call her mummy. But a daughter saw her father and doesn't know the relationship she shared with him. And even called him uncle.

"Just accept it the way mummy said it. Can't you see that the uncle ignored mummy? Is that not enough to lose i
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