Hot Confrontation

Camilla arrived at Justin's Mansion. She succeeded in getting passed the securities because they knew her as Justin's friend and she's been there a few times in the past.

She arrived at Justin's place and was allowed to get in. She got to his sitting room and waited, Justin already saw her from his CCTV camera.

Justin came downstairs and saw Camilla tossing back and forth. He squinted and wondered what might have happened this time.

Has Rodrigo threatened her and she is seeking solace at his place? Anyways,it probably can't be anything related to that scandal. That's in the past now.

Camilla paused and turned sharply to come face to face with Justin. Her eyes were red indicating she had been sobbing.

Those red eyes were spitting fire. Her frown made Justin Swaras be taken aback.

"Camilla, is anything the matter?" Justin asked. Coming over to pull her to himself but was dazed when Camilla raised her hand and motioned him to halt.

"Are you really my friend Justin
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