Unknown secret

Rodrigo's countenance changed. What is going on here? Why does he feel they are not happy that he was going to be married simply because that person is not Camilla.

"What sort of question is that? Nothing is going to happen to her and her kids. I can't remember having kids anywhere ok?" Rodrigo declared and gently kissed his niece's chin, placed her down to go to her mother.

He stood up. "I have an important business to settle tonight" he declared and was going to stroll out with his long legs when Lola called:

"Rodrigo" she called and the latter paused. He didn't move on but he didn't turn back as well.

Lola walked over and stood in front of him. He looked up at his face and held his hands "I know I haven't been the best mum to you concerning your love life,but please, take a deep breath and search your heart for who you truly love.

Camilla is actually waiting for you. And your kids just left the house a few hours again before your arrival. They've become an integral
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