Begin again

Camilla was dazed by Rodrigo's words. It wasn't like Mirabel hadn't told her that Rodrigo was getting married to someone else, but hearing him saying it to her was like drilling her heart with a dagger.

He could say to her that he was getting married and doesn't want her around him to avoid distraction. Oh she's always been a distraction to him.

"Yeah, you heard me right" Rodrigo emphasised it, this time, he stood up, he wasn't interested in saying anything further.

"Stop there Rodrigo" Camilla called but the latter didn't stop nor turned to look back at her. He wasn't interested in talking more with her. Seeing her, she looks so unclean before him.

Camilla went after him but Rodrigo already got in and shut the door. She banged the door,but Rodrigo wouldn't listen nor open it.

"Is this how you really wanted us to part? If you get married to someone else, I won't let you have access to your kids. We would shut you out of our lives forever.

I loved you and have lived
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