chapter ten

"Here try this. It's like the best pasta ever," Hyunexclaimed transferring a generous amount of the dish onto Minjae's platter. She sighed and took in a deep breath, he was constantly feeding her new dishes she would taste. Every dish that was good enough and passed Minjae's checkpoint arrived at Young-Jae who further examined whether or not it'd be perfected by him. 

"I can't eat more," he whined tugging at Minjae's blazer sleeve and she whipped her head to him with furrowed brows and a very smile small on her face. 

"I promise this will be the last for today. Do you not like the food?", she asked scrunching her nose up and he vigorously shook his head no. Of course, he liked the food, it was the most delicious lunch he had ever had except that one time  Seok-Min had made him Bulgogi. 

"My stomach is gonna burst I swear to god," he groaned holding a hand

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