I’m lying on the couch of the boat, idly watching daytime tv, and keep checking my cell for any messages from Jyeon at the council meeting. Restless, yet I don’t have the energy to do much about it and hate that my own body prevented me from going there. This was my baby, and this is an essential step in proceeding with the plans for the island.

Nothing so far, complete radio silence, and I sigh dejectedly, turning on my side and pausing as another wave of nausea laps over me like warm ocean water. A prickling of heat and then cold showering every inch of my skin in a motion that’s happened frequently since I woke up.  I hold very still until it passes and then exhale with relief when it dies down again. My brain fixated on the endlessness of waiting here alone, even though the reality is it hasn’t been long at all. Jyeon refused to leave until the last minute because he didn’t want me to fend for myself, and I know he’ll rush right ba

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