Dragon King's Human Mate
Dragon King's Human Mate
Author: Tracy Tauro

Face-to-Face with the Love History

My cab driver dropped me off at the interview venue. The rush and bustle of the streets and the highest skyscraper that I was standing out in the entryway. My heart was hammering against my chest, and the nervousness was palpable in my body as I prepared in my head to be interviewed by a major corporation. I've worked for a subpar firm for four years, but I finally had an interview with a high-cooperative corporation after applying for top positions.

My phone rang, my caller ID displayed my Father's number, and I answered the phone before entering the interview.

He inquires, "Princess, it seems you have reached your destination.".

"Dad, please stop referring to me as a princess. I am 25 years old, for goodness' sake." I grumbled.

"It doesn't matter how old you become, you will always be my Princess. Did you get anything to eat? I am sure you didn't, so I put some sandwiches into your bag." He responds.

"Dad, Until I finish this interview, I won't be able to eat, and I'm determined to get a job with this firm," I responded this job was vital for me since when my mother died away when I was young, my father was the one who supported me throughout my life. Now that my Father is unwell, I need to be financially secure to pay for his medical costs and survive in the city.

"This is not good for your health, Princess, so don't skip your breakfasts. I know how much you want this job, and I am certain that my Ella will ace the interview." He talks, and his words have a favorable impact on me. "I believe in you Ella, you are the greatest in your line of work. Have trust in yourself,"

"You always know how to calm me down and know me better than I know myself," I speak in hushed tones, a grin flickering on my lips.

"Of course, your Father has the finest judgment. Best of luck, Ella," he replies. "I'm certain you'll get this job." The jitteriness I'd been experiencing during my journey doesn't seem to wave me down anymore. I'm savoring the sandwich my Father cooked for me; it was great. Even though I longed for California, it compelled me to leave my work and return to New York since my Father's health deteriorated.

Rather than risk going bankrupt, I had set aside enough money to keep me afloat and cover all of my expenditures in the meantime. The following month, I must transport my Father to a reputable medical facility to treat his rare condition. Unfortunately, I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I overlooked them when the front desk called my name.

"How may I assist you, Miss?" She stated.

"I am here for an interview for the post of Assistant Secretary, and the contact person is Miss Avery Reyes," I respond as I double-check the name of the contact person for my interview on my phone.

"The interview will take place on the fifth floor, and here is the paperwork you must complete before being scheduled for an interview." So remarked the lady at the front desk.

I grab the paperwork and fill out all the information before going to the fifth level of the corporation. I'm waiting outside the cabin of Miss Avery Reyes, and I can see the individuals in front of me who are also waiting. My phone alerted me to the notice.

"I wish you the best of luck, darling. I am certain that you will get this position." My Fiance James's message made me smile as I read it. Even though he was still in California, he supported my decision to go to New York to be near my Father.

The whole interview took me a day, and all the rounds were exhausting. I was relieved that it was just myself and the other lady. I believe her name was Sofia Collins, who looked more like a model-type woman. My heart was hammering as Miss Reyes shifted her gaze from Sofia to me, generating a sense of anticipation. Her brown eyes revealed nothing about her feelings, making it challenging to figure out what she was thinking.

"Congratulations, Miss Hart; the CEO has chosen you based on all the screenings." Miss Reyes responds with a business-like expression on her face."You will be the secretary of the corporation, Miss Ella Hart, rather than the assistant. That position will be assigned to Miss Sofia Collins here." It took aback me to learn that news while Sofia had kept her despair under wraps. Hearing the news pleased me, and I was even more thrilled to be offered the well-paying position.

"Can you tell me when I can start working?" I smiled, my happy feelings hidden under a solemn mask.

"You may begin working today." It was a chilly crisped voice that came from behind me, and as I turned to look, there was a figure with the physic of Herculean, and his Hazel eyes glared at me with coldness, and his untidy black hair matched his chiseled Jawline, which looked great against his Tan complexion. My heart rate begins rapidly speed up.

"Miss. Hart, this is Mr. Darcus Miller, the company's CEO." Miss Reyes responded. It shattered my excitement over landing this job when I discovered this guy was my ex-boyfriend and my college love.

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