My resentment for Mr. Miller

"Darcus, what the fuck are you doing? Why did you kiss me?" I screamed in frustration, and Mr. Miller and Hazel had no emotion in them at all, and their stance was rigid. Finally, I came up to him and slapped him across the face, and I gasped in agony as my palm struck a hard granite stone face.

"Are you all right, Ella?" As I cradled my damaged hand, Mr. Miller's voice contained an undercurrent of concern for me. How did my hand feel so much agony? Is he a human or vampire? How did I harm my hand slapping a human? What the heck am I thinking right now? Mr. Miller walked over to me and checked the palm of my hand. Mr. Miller's feet came to a halt as I moved back.

"You are concerned and have inquired as to my well-being when you forcibly kiss me, Mr. Miller. I am an engaged woman. How can you do that?" I snarled through my agony, and when Mr. Miller saw my struggle, he proceeded towards the desk and pulled out the medic kit, grabbing my right hand and forcing me t
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