My first fly

Ella - POV

I saw Henry enter the office and take a seat. "So, what is the most recent information that we have?" The icy gaze that Darcus cast at Henry was identical to what he cast upon me when I first began working with him.

"The order you issued to execute Arya couldn't be carried out because the assassin killed our troops, liberated Arya, and fled." Henry said these words, and it set ablaze the Darcus irises.

"If she is alive, why do you continuously failing my command, Henry?" Darcus screamed with frustration. Henry dropped his head in shame.

"What is the current situation with Elliot and Blair?" Inquired Archer.

"I cannot answer that question, Mr. Taylor; only if his majesty asks me will I respond," Henry replied harshly, and Archer's face twisted into a frown.

"Henry Archer and James should know they're in my Alliance. But, Henry, you're free to say whatever you want." Henry's eyes rested on me. It made me uncomfortable to think that he may gaze at me to see if I had accepted D
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