Chapter 2

Ethane's POV

           It seems my new pet is a little lost in her own thoughts.I really don't need to read her mind to know what she is thinking. I overheard her fellow pets telling her that l kill my pets for fun. 

             To be honest I am really not surprised because this is just one of the many rumors people spread about me and I am used to it by now.

             So in order for me to get her attention l pulled the leash on her collar a bit and it seemed to have worked because she turned to look at me.

              I began to walk her towards where I parked my car. As soon as we got to where my car was parked, my driver Damian came to open the door for us.

“Welcome sir," he bowed his head.

           As soon as we were inside the car I took off her collar. I knew it was very uncomfortable for her. I needed her to have a little freedom, at least breathing space but she still looked nervous and fearful of me.

I don't blame her though, if I was in her shoes I would also be nervous and fearful of the unknown.

             As we drove home the journey seemed to be too long and quiet so I decided to start up a conversation.

             "You are beautiful. What is your name?" 

"My name is Rosevelt, master. Thank you for asking". She simply replied and turned her face to the opposite direction and started looking out the window. 

            "Was he really that wicked? Did he treat you that bad" I decided to ask but she didn't give me any sort of reply. "I am different, I won't hurt you the way they did." I told her, trying to be as calm as l could.

            "You are right, you are different. You won't hurt me because you are probably going to kill me the moment we arrive at your house," she said beneath her breath hoping l won't hear her. 

            "You do know l heard that. See I am being nice to you that doesn't mean l don't know how to be wicked. This form of disrespect is something l cannot tolerate," I said to her in a commanding voice.

            She looked more frightened of me now but l don't care. I am being nice to her so why can't she do the same?

Rosevelt's POV

            I got really scared after my master had scolded me in the car. I have gone and angered him and I am sure he will punish me for this but l really don't blame if he decides to punish me.  He was right, he had tried to be nice to me but I just don't trust him and believe he is actually nice.

            Maybe it is because l hate him but why should l?. He hasn't done anything wrong yet and I shouldn't judge him by what people say about him. 

            It is really unfair towards him. I came out of my thought when l realised the car had stopped and we had arrived at his mansion.

            His driver came down to open the door for us.

Wow! The mansion is really beautiful. It is big and nice for someone who lived alone but it seemed imperfect for someone of his status. 

            But the house is so much bigger and looked more modern than the one l stayed in with my former master. 

            It was even more beautiful than my own house in the human world. Once l caught a glance of the garden l smiled because it had roses planted in it and l simply just love roses.


            As soon as we got to the door of the house a maid who I was sure was a human like me came out and offered us some water. Wow! Is this how it feels to be rich?. I mean we haven't even stepped into the house so why the parade?.

            The marble floors in the house were so beautiful. The ceilings really had a colorful design. Although the house was painted pure white on the inside it was still beautiful and looked very modern. 

            And even though it had very old paintings, it really didn't make the house look old rather it gave it a unique look which l very much adored. 

            I just felt comfortable once l was inside the house.

We began to climb the stairs and we stopped at a certain room with a queen sized bed, it was simply beautiful. 

             He opened the door and said "This will be your room". I was so shocked that l had to ask him "Master I'm just a pet are you sure this is my room?

           He smiled and said yes he also said 

"You can go in there and take your bath" while pointing towards the bathroom

Still in shock l just had to ask again.

            "Are you sure l can bath myself?" He said yes and asked if l didn't know how to bath.I just said no.

I just couldn't believe that l was actually allowed to bath myself. 

            My former master always bathed me when I stayed with him. I went into the bathroom and felt like staying there forever. This house actually has a bathtub. 

              I didn't know that Lord Ethane was staring at me. At first I was frightened but l later calmed down and continued bathing.

             "Aren't you freaked out by the fact that I'm seeing you naked?" He asked, tilting his head to one side and leaning it on the bathroom door.

            "Well my former master did bathe me so I'm used to men.." l began to wonder whether to say men or demons.

“.. see my body," I replied to him while l continued bathing.

            "Ok.Well after you are done come downstairs and join me for dinner and maybe we could watch some TV?" He asked me as if he was asking for a favor.

"You have a TV and l can watch TV?" l asked him, very surprised.

             He began to laugh and simply replied. "I have a f**king Range Rover so why won't l have a TV?" He came closer and gave me a kiss behind my ear and used his fingers to draw circles around my chest.

             It really made me wet until he asked me "Have any guy f**ked you before?"

I simply said no.

"What about sucking your bôóbs or rubbing your pússy. I mean any form of foreplay?" he asked again.

             He was so shocked when I told him that apart from my master who bathed me he was the first man or rather demon to touch my bôøbs and kiss me.

He left the room and told me to come down quickly so we could eat and to be very honest I was starving.

              When l was done bathing l wore a pink dress. It was a short and a long top.It really was a nice night dress and it has really been long, l wore something so comfortable.

            As I walked down the stairs l watched as Lord Ethane stared at me and licked his lips. I just smiled shyly.

Ethane's POV

            As I watched her come down the stairs in more revealing clothes . I felt like devouring her right there and then but not yet she is still too little and fragile. Her chest was standing and pointing at me. Damn! She wasn't putting on a bra. 

            Her backside looked so soft. Once she came down l took her to the dining table. I just watched her as she ate hungrily. Seems she hasn't eaten for days now l didn't bother to ask anyways.

            I saw her bruises, marks that she has been flogged mercilessly so l decided to ask her why her master chose to flog her. 

"Well, each time we went to the market and no one bought me he would take a whip and flog me saying that I'm bad luck and each time I didn't call him master he would flog me as well," that was what she replied.

Once we were done eating I took her to the sitting room then left to my room so l could get some ointment. I would have called a healer but the bruises weren't that bad. 

             I stood over her and began to rub the ointment on her bruised body but she stood up in great surprise and asked "Master what are you doing? You shouldn't be doing this l am a pet please." but I didn't say anything to her as I sat her down. I continued to rub the ointment and massage the affected areas.

              I heard a little moan escape from her lips. When l was done applying the ointment on her l went to sit beside her and told her. "When we are alone you call me sweetheart but when in the midst of others address me as master. Do you understand?" 

"Yes master" she said but soon corrected herself saying "Yes sweetheart".

               I just loved the way she said the word "Sweetheart". Hearing that from her sounded so soothing.

I then made her rest her head on my lap as she continued watching the movie.

            I began to run my hands through her very soft hair. It felt so good I didn't want to stop.I wanted us to be in this position forever. I wished to trace my hand down her soft chest because her boobs are so big, same with her ass but I held myself from doing that since she was still too young, 17 years old.

However I was finding it really difficult to believe that the boys of her age in the human world had refused to touch her. I mean were they blind or something?

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