Chapter 3

Rosevelt's POV

             I didn't realize I had fallen asleep on my master's lap until he woke me up whispering gently into my ear. "Darling please get up. Let's go to your room, okay?" 

            I'm very sure l was half awake when he managed to take me upstairs to my room. I looked at the clock and it was 10 minutes past 10. I was sleeping when l heard a loud sound. I sprang up from my bed immediately. What was that?

             I looked up and it looked like the ceiling was going to fall on my head. When l looked at a painting on the wall, it seemed as if it was going to come to life any second.

            I turned to look at the clock and it was past 2. I was shivering l wanted to scream but l couldn't. 

             I finally let out a loud scream in fear. Lord Ethane opened the door and turned on the light. He immediately came to sit beside me on the bed and started asking me.

           "Darling what is wrong? Did you have a bad dream?" I shook my head saying no.

"Then why did you scream?" He asked again this time with more concern.

            "The picture it was going to come alive and the… the.. ceiling it wants to fall on me," l said while shivering.

"Shh none of those things are happening. It is just your imagination. You are just scared probably because you haven't slept here before," he said while hugging me. I also hugged him back in fear. I didn't realise that l had begun to cry.

            "Come.You will sleep in my room tonight, okay?" he said to me so sweetly. I can't believe that he wants me to sleep in his room. My former master wouldn't even dare to let me know where his room is, let alone let me sleep in his room. 

           Maybe he wants me to sleep on the floor of his bedroom but I really wouldn't mind. I don't think that l can sleep here alone.


            "You really have to stop comparing me to your former master all the time. I am not like him. How many times do you want me to tell you that? I am trying my best to make you change your negative perspective about me but all you do is compare me with him. It is just unfair" he said almost in anger.

"I'm really sorry sweetheart please forgive me l really didn't mean to," l said in a very sad voice.

            He assured me that it's okay and everything will be fine and that l wouldn't sleep on the floor of his room.

            I thought my room was big and beautiful but l was totally and completely wrong. His room was so big and beautiful. His bed was three times the size of mine.


             I loved the fragrance of his room. It made me feel as if l was in heaven. I laughed inwardly at my thoughts. I'm in heaven in a demon's house. It's so funny.

           He laid me on his bed and asked me to lie on his chest. 

Ethane's POV

            As she laid on my chest while we were on the bed. I began to caress her hair again, l don't know why but l derived so much pleasure from doing it.

             I started to remember how she compared me with him. I really don't know why but that made me feel sad. I felt her soft body on mine and my manhood began to jump up in joy but l don't want to have sex with her well at least not yet. She looks so innocent, and still too young even though it remains one year before she becomes an adult since she is seventeen. It still didn't feel right being intimate with her. However I am turned on by her touch and needed to quench my hunger for sex but if I can't have it with her I know where I can. So I gently lay her on the bed and quietly left the room. I went to one of my maid's rooms. Judith was her name.

           Immediately l opened the door. She woke up from her sleep as if she was just waiting for me to come in.

            "You are a welcome master. I thought you wouldn't come to me anymore. Especially now you have bought yourself a new pet," she said.

             I really was not in the mood for this drama. She of all people should know that I am a Lord and that l go with different women and even if l get married eventually.

            l will still have other women so what all the fuss about? "Judith please, you know why I am here so just do it or l will leave," l said to her.

            She immediately took off the little blouse she was wearing, standing in front of me half baked with only her big breasts exposed.

I immediately grabbed her breasts

I started to suck on one while l pinched the other.

              She began to moan very loudly that l just had to kiss her. I raised her skirt up and put my fingers in her V she wasn't that wet yet so l tore off her skirt and little panties. I just wasn't a patient being.

             I started to kiss her belly down to her neatly shaved pússy. I began sucking it, swirling my tongue around her clit. She began to squeeze her bôóbs.I inserted my tongue deep inside her V

             I sucked her for about 10 minutes then she started to vibrate. I knew she was about to cúm but I didn't want that at least not yet.

So l stopped and she stared at me with a sad face. 

             I just smirked and pulled down my shorts. She licked her tongue and knelt down before me swallowing my hard member at once hitting the back of my throat. She began to suck my hardened rod and rub my balls.

             She stopped running my balls and started using her other hand to rub her V. I knew she was ready at that moment. I lifted her and laid her on the bed as I pushed my member inside of her at once. 

            I started thrusting in and out of her slowly but she wrapped her legs around my waist so I wouldn't break loose.

            She began to moan or rather scream "please don't stop master. Fúck me I am your slut. uuuugh yes fûck me . Yes yes Oh." Her moans just kept encouraging me to go faster. But I knew l wasn't gonna cúm so fast so l switched position. I began to penetrate her in the doggy position while l smacked her ass.

            She just wouldn't stop screaming "Yes master don't stop. Please fuck me," I started feeling her vibrating and l knew she was close then she came and mine climax came shortly after.

             I went into her bathroom and cleaned myself up.

I wanted to tell her good night but she had already passed out. Funny she passed out just after one round. I left her room.

            On my way to my room I was hoping that Rosevelt did not notice that l left the room and thankfully she didn't.

I carefully sneaked into bed and wrapped my hands around her while l let sleep consume me.

            I had woken up but it seems my darling still hasn't slept enough yet. I didn't want to wake her so l let her sleep. I went to the library in my house where l love to do most of my office work and l picked up a file. 

            I was going through that file when my phone rang. It was my uncle calling. After taking his call l knew my death had come. 

            I knew he was going to make me do something l will regret. I immediately started to make preparations.

Rosevelt's POV

            I had woken up that morning to find the bed empty. I frowned at the fact that Lord Ethane wasn't by my side but l realized that maybe he had to go and do some important work. 

            A maid came to inform me that breakfast was ready. I haven't even taken my bath yet, hmmm. This is really a weird house. My closet was full of clothes.

               I really liked the clothes and had a difficult choice picking what to wear. For some reason l wanted to look good for Lord Ethane and l didn't know why.

              I had decided on a simple blue jumpsuit dress which had no sleeves. It revealed my shoulders and my back. I didn't put on a bra and panties because l felt they weren't necessary.

             As I walked down the stairs I noticed  that Lord Ethane was already at the dining table waiting for me l guess because he wasn't eaten. He turned around to look at me coming down.

              He licked his lips slowly and l don't know why that turned me on.

When l got to the dining table. He greeted me good morning first and l greeted him too. 

            "You look very beautiful my darling princess," he said while using his eyes to scan my entire body as if looking for something. It really made me blush.

              I was about to pull a seat for myself when he stopped me halfway. When l asked why he simply said "you won't be sitting down on this chair to have you breakfast darling."

              I was confused, maybe he wanted me to sit on the floor like the way my master liked me sitting to eat.

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