Chapter 4

Rosevelt's POV

            "You are doing it again, why can't you just stop," Lord Ethane asked. 

"I'm really sorry. I won't do it again," I said remorsefully.

           "Well it is okay. You will sit on my lap and eat your breakfast today" he said.

"But l don't want to," I told him

"You don't really have a choice, my sweet princess. If you don't sit on my lap and eat then you won't eat breakfast," he said, smirking at me.

I really didn't want to sit on his lap and have my breakfast. It seemed so weird but he really isn't giving me a choice here so I had to sit because l was so hungry.

As I sat on his lap and began eating my food l was shifting my ass trying to get comfortable.

             I was also trying to avoid any contact between my ass and his díck but he didn't seem to care as he held my waist and Drew me closer, shifting my hair to one side and whispering.

             "Love, if you keep doing that I might be forced to have you for breakfast. So unless you don't want to arouse  the monster in me? I suggest you should please stop."

          I had to stop shaking because though I couldn't feel his hardness, I could feel that his breathing pattern had changed. I don't want to arouse any monster in him as he had warned so I sat as still as possible focusing all my attention on my food. 

He asked if l wanted more and l told him, no. I stood up from his lap and asked him if he didn't want to eat but he just said that he didn't fancy food that much.

Then he asked "Love, do you want a tour round the mansion? We could go to the garden so that you can perceive the fragrance of the roses you love so much."

I said yes but wondered how he knew l love roses but he simply told me not to think too much. 

             I know this demon reads my mind very easily but demons can't read minds so how come he could read minds. I think he read my mind again and said.

"You don't have to think too much. Your head will get too big."We both laughed at his statement. We began our stroll towards the garden.

He picked a rose and gave it to me saying "A beautiful rose flower for a beautiful girl". 

            I'm very sure my cheeks turned red at that moment.

Wow! There is a swing here. I ran towards it quickly and sat on it.

Lord Ethane asked, "Would you like me to push you on the swing?"

            I nodded my head saying yes as he began to help me ride it. I really enjoyed it but he said he needed to go somewhere and kissed me on the cheeks and later I went to watch TV in the sitting room.

Lord Kendrick's POV

             As l was in my bath tub with my pet. She was washing my hair while l relaxed in the tub. I had a glass of wine beside me. 

            I smiled to myself thinking about my next plan. My nephew just thinks he is smart and that he can play me and everyone else for a fool.

             He doesn't know that l know about his dirty secret. I just want to see how he will pass today's test. It will be very impossible for him to pass the test because he is not one of us. 

             My dear nephew today I am going to take away the title of Lordship from you. I will have your kingdom to myself. The kingdom that is rightfully mine.

             I don't know why my father decided to give your father,my brother Pensivile, it is meant to be mine. But it is not a problem l will take it any way.

            "Stop, you may leave now." I told my pet and she left immediately. I took my towel and dried myself up. I walked out of the bathroom in my bedroom and went to pick up my phone from the drawer.

              I called the members of the board of demons l had told to accompany me to Ethane's house to carry out his test. 

Ethane's POV

          I was back from the human world where l went to check on my businesses. I was sitting in my room thinking about Rosevelt. She is just as sweet as her name sounds.

            I started to remember how she was moving her ass on my díck and it really made me go crazy though I tried my best not to make it obvious to her what her body was doing to me but immediately l remembered what was going to unfold today l felt sad. 

           I sent a designer red gown and two maid's to get Rosevelt ready for the night.  It is night already and I can't believe l have to do this. I am very sure that after this Rosevelt might never talk to me again and honestly I won't be able to bear it but l have to do this to keep my title. 

          I went into her room with her new collar that l had bought and written my name LORD ETHANE on it. She asked me why l was holding the collar and why the red dress but l didn't answer her.

            I don't know whether l didn't answer because l didn't have the courage or l was trying to make her fear me but either way l just couldn't bring myself to tell her what was about to unfold.

Rosevelt's POV

            Lord Ethane has been so nice to me. I really love the dress and jewelry he sent but why though. The outfit doesn't look like what l could wear at home, it looked more like a dinner outfit. 

             l love the way the maids made my hair and my makeup like I am a princess. I looked so beautiful with the red lipstick and black eyeshadow makeup.

             They made my hair into a bun at the back leaving equal strands at the left and right side of my face curled up. The jewelry was really beautiful, especially the necklace.

            I saw sadness in Lord Ethane's eyes for the first time when he came into my room. I asked him what was wrong and why he looked so sad but he didn't answer. 

            I also asked him why I'm putting on the dress and where we were going but he still didn't answer. I became worried if not afraid.

             I held his face and begged him to tell me what the problem is but he didn't answer me. Was he going to kill me now? Have I offended him? Is my time up? 

            "Rosevelt!" he shouted. I didn't even need to ask him why he was shouting because I knew the reason. He had probably read my mind and found out that l was having negative thoughts about him but could l be blamed.

             He is looking so upset and he doesn't want to say why. He just pinned me to the wall that moment and looked into my eyes saying to me.

“No matter what happens Rosevelt just know l didn't mean to do it. I'm not going to kill you please stop thinking that. I am not like that. I know you have suffered a lot in the hands of your former master but believe me that is not my purpose of bringing you here. I have no intention to cause you any pain but today l have to do that. You can call it selfishness or whatsoever you choose to call it but l don't have a choice".

            Once he said these words to me l began to shake in fear. Although l didn't know why but l knew something bad was about to befall me. 

            What could it be though?

Immediately he showed me the collar l didn't just assume any longer l was sure now. He put the collar around my neck and made it very tight. Lord Ethane never makes me wear my collar when we are alone.

             I almost broke down in tears but l knew a day would surely come when he would do this to me but I really didn't expect it to be on my second day with him. It really is too soon.

             I wonder if l am prepared for this. I looked him in the eyes and said "When you bought me as your pet. I knew l wasn't coming here to enjoy the sweetness of life. I also knew that horrible things were going to befall me even if l didn't want them to."

After saying this he tugged my leash tight and said to me for the last time "it really isn't my choice."

             We left my room and began to walk down the stairs. As we walked down the stairs l could hear laughter of people's that's when l realised that we had guests in the house.

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