Chapter 17

Rosevelt's POV

             "Let go of me Scott. Stop, get your hands off me. What are you trying to do? stop dragging me. Why are you taking me to your room? Stop. I said stop!"

I kept yelling as Scott continued to drag me from the sitting room to his room. 

What does he want from me this time?

          "I have had enough of this nonsense. Tell me what kind of man Ethane is?!" He began to shout. As he asked that question I felt like telling him that he was not a man at all.

            "Why has he refused to die, huh? But don't worry, my love. I will take you by force whether Ethane likes it or not. You are mine and mine alone! You belong to no one else but me you understand?" He said as he finally let go of my hand he threw me to the bed. 

             He began t
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