Chapter 54

Ethane's POV

It really wasn't easy for me to convince Amilia to let me go to search for her father without her.

"Uncle Ethane please let's just go together. I promise I will be a good girl and I won't cause any kind of trouble for you" Amilia pleaded

"I know that Amilia. You have always been a good girl but for now I just have to go alone" I told her as I slowly walked away from her. Although I couldn't bear to see her look so forlorn, what could I do?

If I am to tell her what I found out then at the end I am wrong then she might end up grief-stricken which I do not want.

As easy as it was with money. I managed to get some people to help me track the car plate number I had copied down earlier. I traced it to a house that was quite aloof from where I resided. I parked my car about 4 kilometers away from the house. The house was ample and beautiful. One could easily tell that the owner or owners of the house were very wealthy and influential.

I watched as the same car drove out from the
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