Chapter 59

Ethane's POV

I stood amongst the crowd in Nicole's company just to see the video. I wasn't the only eager person as everyone around seemed to be very anxious and finally the time came.

When the video started playing, it only showed when I entered the hotel with my mask on so nobody could even identify who the man was. But the lady that was seen checking in our room at the hotel was not Nicole.

It was someone else, the video showed another lady entering the hotel with a man at the same time me and Nicole were said to be in the hotel. The video showed no evidence of the fire starting in the room we booked.

No signs of Nicole were seen at the hotel, not even her car was seen.

I looked at Nicole's face and I could see that the tension that was on her face initially, had now disappeared. But the drama had just begun as a very pretty, slender lady in a well designed suit came out of the crowd to stand beside Nicole. She went further and stood in the position in which the manager stood to a
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