Chapter 60

Ethane's POV

I felt like I had signed up for an endless wait competition. I had been in the mall for over 30 minutes now and I still hadn't seen any sign of Nicole or Amilia. I am not a very patient person and I guess Nicole still hadn't managed to figure that out. I took my phone from my pocket to call Nicole when it rang.

"Ethane where the fúck are you? I have been waiting for you. Amilia and I are even done shopping yet I haven't seen any sign of you" Nicole said the moment I picked the call. She sounded very upset.

"Wait,what?. What do you mean by that? I have been waiting for you guys for almost an hour yet" I voiced out in surprise.

The mistake we both made dawned on me immediately. We planned to meet in the mall but none of us thought of where exactly in the mall we would meet. I instructed her to come to the parking lot and she should make sure she was with a mask covering her face.

She immediately concurred and I walked towards the parking lot. I almost didn't even recognize
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